Biomarker Discovery, Strategies, Technologies & Validation

Biomarker Discovery & Validation

The companies said their partnership will result in a complete solution for biomarker discovery, optimization, and validation on a number of platforms.

The companies will use Myriad RBM's CustomMAP platform to measure cardiovascular risk biomarkers in patients treated with a Sanofi diabetes drug.

The assay will be designed to predict how pancreatic cancer patients respond to Threshold's investigational drug evofosfamide.

Called Cedars-Sinai Precision Health, the program aims to promote novel technologies and approaches for personalized medicine at the institution.

The researchers will use genomics to address challenges facing Canada's forestry, healthcare, agricultural, and aquacultural industries.

Simplified nuclei analysis platform and biomarker matrix that supports genotoxic mode of action determinations
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Biomarkers and uses thereof in prognosis and treatment strategies for right-side colon cancer disease and lfe-side colon cancer disease

In PNAS this week: miR-515 levels higher in women with preeclampsia, horizontal gene transfer in parasitic plants, and more.

A cancer researcher retracts 19 articles from one journal for image manipulation, according to Retraction Watch.

Precision medicine has to consider context in addition to genetic mutations in cancer treatment, Medscape reports.

Genomics may help the Cavendish banana from succumbing to fungal infections, a trio of researchers writes at the Conversation.