Biomarker Discovery, Strategies, Technologies & Validation

Biomarker Discovery & Validation

The partners aim to identify a microRNA-based signature that can predict lung cancer patient response to Bristol-Myers Squibb's immunotherapy Opdivo.

The company has advanced sequencing-based copy number analyses to assess genomic instablity in CTCs, and used that to develop a method to predict response to PARP inhibitors based on the phenotype, or appearance, of genomically unstable CTCs.

The companies will discover and develop microbiome-derived biomarkers, drug targets, and bioactive molecules for cancer.

Researchers in the US and Ukraine built a microRNA-based classifier to categorize infants as affected or unaffected.

Takeda will use Definiens' new cloud-based digital pathology platform to conduct analyses for its clinical biomarkers development programs.

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Integrated modular unit including an analyte concentrator-microreactor device connected to a cartridge-cassette

Biomedical research projects are generating a ton of data that still needs to be analyzed, NPR reports.

Theranos is retiring some of its board members, including Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, Business Insider reports.

The heads of 29 scientific societies and some 2,300 researchers call on President-elect Donald Trump to rely on and support science in two separate letters.

In Science this week: genetically modified flu virus could be key to new live vaccines, and more.