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SV Bio Launched to Provide POC Genomic Data Services

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Silicon Valley Biosystems, a company that provides genomic data at the point of care, has been launched.

The Foster City, Calif.-based firm was launched today with financial backing from venture capital firm Sequoia Capital to provide turnkey genomics interpretation services to clinicians "to make faster, more precise, and cost-saving decisions," according to SV Bio.

Its services examine a patient's genome at the point of care to "distill the biological data into a concise, actionable report that medical generalists and specialists can easily use as a decision support tool," the company said. Services currently available include single genes and bundled gene sets for genetically heterogeneous diseases and diseases for which the causes are known.

Also, testing of the entire genome is available for illnesses where causative genes are unknown, or when a variant has been detected but can't be determined to be causative.

The SV Bio platform fits into current clinical workflows and can accept data from any next-generation sequencing platform to determine with clinical grade sensitivity and specificity the genetic variants within a patient's DNA sequence that influences a disease or condition, the company said. It added that it takes minutes to complete the sample sequence and deliver a report to a clinician.

"The transition is occurring very rapidly nowadays from genomics as a science to genomics as a key driver of clinical medicine and decision-making at the bedside," Dietrich Stephan, founder and CEO of SV Bio, said in a statement. "As genomic sequencing costs plummet, the potential clinical impact soars. SV Bio is building the requisite bridge from the genomics bench to the bedside, assisting physicians with the accurate and actionable interpretation they need for optimizing care for each individual."