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New Products: SoftGenetics' NextGene; Life Tech's CNV Analysis; Lexogen's RNA-seq Kits; More


SoftGenetics has added a copy number variation tool to its NextGene software. The tool includes a coverage-based algorithm that can detect copy number variation from exome and targeted sequencing platforms from Illumina, Life Technologies, and Roche sequencing systems.

Life Technologies has launched a copy number variation analysis tool for exome sequencing that combines the Ion Reporter CNV data analysis workflow with its Ion AmpliSeq Exome kit and sequencing on the Ion Proton.

The Ion Reporter software for CNV analysis automates the steps for a priori identification and interpretation of CNVs, SNPs, and indels, according to the company.

Lexogen has launched its SPLIT RNA Extraction kit and its SENSE mRNA-seq library prep kits for Life Technologies' Ion Torrent and SOLiD platforms.

The SPLIT protocol removes genomic DNA without the use of DNAse digestion and takes between 90 minutes to 105 minutes, according to the company. Its SENSE mRNA-seq library kit is strand specific, has a turnaround time of under four hours, requires between 500 nanograms and 2 micrograms of total RNA, and includes optional barcoding, according to the company.

Lab7 Systems has launched a software toolkit and service offerings for next-generation sequencing analysis. Among its offerings are BioBuilds, a reference collection of open source bioinformatics tools for genomics; SeqSigma, a process that uses clients' sequencing and analysis goals to implement computational infrastructures; and Dash03, a pipeline that identifies computational and dataflow bottlenecks.