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New Products: Lab7 Systems' Software; Cambridge Epigenetix's TrueMethyl Kit; More


Lab7 Systems has released a beta version of its next-generation sequencing data workflow management software platform, available for download to early-access users from the company's website. The company is planning updates to the software every four to six weeks.

Cambridge Epigenetix has launched its TrueMethyl Kit for epigenetics research. The kit uses oxBS-seq technology sequence at single-base resolution the modified bases hydroxymethylcytosine and methylcytosine.

Bioo Scientific has launched NextFlex Rapid DNA-seq kit, which offers two-hour library construction for next-gen sequencing from one nanogram of DNA. The kit uses enhanced adapter ligation technology, which allows for the ligation of long adapters and results in longer and more diverse sequencing reads, according to the company.

Roche has launched NimbleDesign, online software that enables customers to design SeqCap EZ Choice libraries in as little as one hour. The tool includes a probe database to allow customers to obtain and review probe designs before making purchase decisions.

Source BioScience has launched an overnight DNA sequencing service in Scotland. The service offers sample collection and delivery of results, combining Source BioScience's sequencing capabilities with its SpeedRead automated data delivery system, according to the company.