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New Products: Illumina's Nextera XT Kits; Agilent's HaloPlex System; Ion Torrent kits


Illumina has launched its Nextera XT sample-prep kits for the MiSeq and HiSeq systems. The kits have a 90 minute sample-prep workflow with the ability to manually process up to 900 samples per week and integrated barcodes to support up to 96 samples per MiSeq run, up to 1,536 samples per HiSeq 2000 run, and up to 384 samples per HiSeq 2500 run in rapid run mode.

Agilent Technologies has expanded its HaloPlex target enrichment system to be compatible with the Ion Torrent PGM. The system enables researchers to process up to 250,000 amplicons in the same tube and allows users to create designs in less than 10 minutes with the system's Web Design Wizard, according to the company.

Life Technologies'Ion Torrent has launched new 200-base sequencing kits and upgrades to its Torrent Suite 2.2 data analysis software.

In addition, it has launched the Ion Total RNA-seq kit v2, which enables construction of either small RNA or whole-transcriptome libraries for sequencing on the PGM in five to six hours; and the Ion Xpress Barcode Adapter 1-96 kit, which enables users to multiplex up to 96 fragment library samples on a single sequencing chip with molecular barcodes. The kit is compatible with both the PGM and the Ion Proton.

The company has also made new datasets available on its website, including a 400-base read length on the PGM 316 chip.

The Scan

Dropped Charges

The US Justice Department has dropped visa fraud charges against five Chinese researchers, according to the Wall Street Journal.

More Kids

The Associated Press says Moderna is expanding its SARS-CoV-2 vaccine study to included additional children and may include even younger children.

PNAS Papers on Rat Clues to Human Migration, Thyroid Cancer, PolyG-DS

In PNAS this week: ancient rat genome analysis gives hints to human migrations, WDR77 gene mutations in thyroid cancer, and more.

Purnell Choppin Dies

Purnell Choppin, a virologist who led the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, has died at 91, according to the Washington Post.