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New Products: Courtagen's mtSEEKPDx; RainDance's Cancer Panel and More


The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has released its Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer site, here. The website includes genomic markers of sensitivity to 130 cancer drugs that have been screened across more than 1,000 cancer cell lines. The data set represents more than 48,000 drug-cell line combinations. The cell lines have all been subjected to sequencing of the full coding exons of 64 commonly mutated cancer genes, genome-wide analysis of copy number gain and loss, and expression profiling of 14,500 genes. Seven commonly rearranged genes and microsatellite instability have also been investigated in each line. Additionally, the cell lines have all been submitted for whole-exome sequencing, and that data will soon be available. The analyses have also been integrated with the Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer, or COSMIC, database.

Complete Genomics
now accepts DNA obtained from saliva for whole-genome sequencing. The company is working with DNA Genotek, a subsidiary of OraSure Technologies, to use its Oragene products for self-collection.

Courtagen has launched mtSEEKPDx, a next-gen sequencing based test for mitochondrial diseases in adults and children. The company, which runs the test in its CLIA-certified lab, sequences the entire mitochondrial genome with Illumina technology. Turnaround time is four weeks, according to Courtagen.

RainDance has launched the Cancer HotSpot Panel, which targets more than 13,000 cancer hotspots in 54 genes. The panel was developed in collaboration with researchers from the University of California, San Diego. When used in combination with the RainDance DeepSeq Solution, it enables the detection of known and novel mutations represented in as little as one to five percent of a tumor, according to the company.