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New Products: Feb 23, 2010


Life Technologies has launched the Applied Biosystems 3500 Series Genetic Analyzer, the latest version of the company's capillary electrophoresis DNA sequencing system, which is designed specifically for forensic DNA testing laboratories.

According to the company, the analyzer contains hardware upgrades such as improved thermal control and a redesigned polymer pump and delivery system, for faster run times and better precision and accuracy. The system also includes the ability to view and track information with radio frequency identification tags.

Along with the analyzer, Life Technologies also announced new forensic DNA kits, the AmpFlSTR Identifiler Direct, Identifiler Plus, and NGM PCR Amplification Kits, designed to improve sensitivity, performance, and enable faster recovery of results.

Caliper Life Sciences has released LabChip XT, an automated nucleic acid fractionation instrument. It replaces the gel isolation and purification steps used for size selection with a multichannel microfluidic chip.

According to the company, the LabChip XT allows samples to be processed more quickly and efficiently than with gel isolation, without risk of cross contamination.

Febit launched its HybSelector, a compact instrument for high-throughput targeted resequencing that is compatible with the company's DNA-enrichment protocol, HybSelect.

The company said that the HybSelector will replace the Geniom RT Analyzer for high-quality DNA enrichment followed by targeted next-generation sequencing.