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Ion Torrent to Distribute DNAStar and Partek Software, Partners with BioTeam on Services


This story was originally published Feb. 3.

Ion Torrent, which recently launched its Personal Genome Machine, will now begin selling assembly and analysis software from Partek and DNAStar through its online store, the companies said last week.

Separately, bioinformatics consulting firm BioTeam said that it is partnering with Ion Torrent parent firm Life Technologies to provide subscription-based services and support for the Ion Torrent Server and Torrent Suite software.

Under the agreements with the software firms, Ion Torrent will offer through its online store Partek's Genomics Suite, which can be used to analyze data from a number of applications including the sequencing of genomic DNA, RNA-seq, and ChIP-seq, and is also compatible all other next-gen sequencing systems; as well as DNAStar's SeqMan NGen sequence assembly and analysis software.

"Our guiding principles at Ion Torrent are speed, simplicity and scalability and we look for partners who share that vision and can deliver it to customers," Ion Torrent's director of bioinformatics and software products, Mike Lelivelt, said in a statement.

BioTeam, meantime, will provide training, troubleshooting, and limited data-management strategy consulting to help users of the Ion Torrent PGM sequencer "maximize their investment and simplify IT management."

The consulting firm will provide guidance on biological and data-management strategies for the Torrent Server during an initial phone consultation and provide e-mail, web, and phone-based training for a number of tasks.

Pricing for a three-month subscription to the BioTeam's Torrent Server IT/Linux software support is $999 and a 12-month subscription costs $1,999. The support package will be made available on Ion Torrent's website in the coming weeks.

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