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Genome Institute of Singapore Adds Two SOLiDs, Partners with Life Tech on Paired-End Tag Protocols


This article was originally published July 15.

The Genome Institute of Singapore said last week that it is collaborating with Life Technologies to develop new paired-end ditag sequencing protocols for the SOLiD system "to broaden the applicability of the SOLiD system in translational research."

The new PET protocols, to be developed by researchers in the Personal Genomics Solutions program at GIS and Life Tech, are expected to be available to SOLiD users in the summer of 2011. As part of the collaboration, GIS will install two additional SOLiD systems, bringing its total to six.

GIS researchers originally developed paired-end ditag sequencing (IS 10/21/2008). As of two years ago, besides its SOLiD systems, the institute also had six Illumina GAs, a 454 GS FLX, and several capillary electrophoresis sequencers installed.