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MDx Firm QuantuMDx Buys NorthGene

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Molecular diagnostics firm QuantuMDx said today it has bought identity testing company NorthGene in a stock and cash deal for an undisclosed amount.

Founded in 1995 as a spin-out of Newcastle University in the UK, NorthGene provides paternity and other relationship testing. QuantuMDx said that it plans to build out NorthGene's laboratory and staffing infrastructure, secure laboratory accreditation, and expand its test portfolio and DNA analysis services "to embrace medical, veterinary, and scientific research application."

NorthGene has been run as a not-for-profit with all revenues invested into medical research. QuantuMDx CEO Elaine Warburton said in a statement that her firm will continue "this philanthropic philosophy of using NorthGene surpluses to invest in advancing medical research for the benefit of global health."

Additionally, QuantuMDx will "play a key role in the testing and the commercial roll-out of our ground-breaking diagnostic and sequencing devices, which are now close to market," she added.

QuantumDx, also based in Newcastle, has a license from Nanosys to use nanowire field effect transistor biosensors for biomarker detection and sequencing applications.

The technology was developed in the laboratory of Harvard University chemistry professor Charles Lieber, a Nanosys co-founder. Target-specific nucleotides can be bound to an array of the nanowires to detect PCR-amplified target nucleic acids. The nanowires can sense these binding events and instantly convert them into electronic signals.

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