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The results suggest AR-V7-postive patients should be treated with chemotherapy over AR-directed hormonal therapies to which they are highly resistant.

The group's effort looked at the development steps required for successful implementation of MRM-MS assays as well as promising technical advances.

The company also reported spikes in its costs as it prepares to launch its clinical microbiological detection technology inEuropeand begin the FDA 510(k) process. 

The company hopes to differentiate its diagnostics from current breast cancer prognostic tests by directly analyzing tumor microenvironment changes driving metastasis.

The firm is now clinically validating a mass spec-based test for quantifying native insulin and its therapeutic analogs and another test for type 2 diabetes. 

Ancient DNA indicates Stone Age, hunter-gather inhabitants of Britain imported wheat.

Joel Achenbach explores at National Geographic why people find science difficult to believe.

In Science this week: gene linked to expansion of the human neocortex, and more.

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences director says changes the agency made have allow it to boost success rates.