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Haplotyping Startup PolyGenyx Pockets $1 Million Grant from NIH

Talk about timing. Another year or so and Genaissance might have run out of cash. Luckily for Genaissance, DNA Sciences beat it to the punch. ...Subscribers: click headline for more

Ben Kaplan, Joseph Keyes


Genaissance Pharmaceuticals has appointed Ben Kaplan senior vice president and chief financial officer.

TTP LabTech launched a high-throughput option for its Mosquito HT nanolitre liquid-handling system. The Mosquito is designed to pipette through the 50 nl-1.2il volumetric range and produce CVs of less than 10 percent at 50 nl, said UK-based TTP.



EraGen Said to Develop SARS Diagnostic; Solicits Validation

Paradigm Genetics Reports Fallen Q1 Revenue as Net Loss Narrows

Drug makers and pharmacogenomics researchers anxious that physicians entering practice today will be ill-equipped to embrace personalized medicine may have reason to worry...Subscribers: click headline for more

Researchers at Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine said a common gene mutation may be a potent risk factorEfor early-onset atherosclerosis...Subscribers: click headline for more

TGen Inks Infrastructure, Informatics Deal With IBM
Arizona State University, the Translational Genomics Research Institute, and the International Genomics Consortium have signed a collaborative technology deal with IBM, TGen said last week.

U. Chicago, Iceland Genomics


U. Chicago Scientists Implicate Genetic Duo in Bipolar Disorder

A team of researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center said it has stumbled upon a genetic marker that might eventually help physicians better treat patients with hepatitis B...Subscribers: click headline for more

Pharma and the Food and Drug Administration are stuck in a stalemate over pharmacogenomics...Subscribers: click headline for more

Orchid Biosciences Chairman George Poste was named director of the Arizona Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University’s new biodesign and biotechnology enterprise.

Amersham Biosciences has released a new range of Kvick ultrafiltration cassettes, which the company said were designed to lessen bioprocessing times.

A team of researchers in Germany said it has discovered genomic abnormalities in a modest percentage of patients with sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis...Subscribers: click headline for more

At a time when most state governments are facing mammoth budget shortfalls and cutting services across the board, Indiana is using biotechnology to buck the trend...Subscribers: click headline for more

Roche Diagnostics has begun installing its West Nile virus blood-screening PCR systems at North American blood centers, in preparation for clinical trials scheduled to begin on or before July 1, the company said this week.


Bloomberg reports AstraZeneca may conduct another study of its candidate SARS-CoV-2 vaccine after dosing error.

Moderna is applying for an Emergency Use Authorization for its coronavirus vaccine, according to the New York Times.

The National Health Service is to conduct a trial of Grail's blood-based screening test for cancer.

In PLOS this week: somatic mutation patterns of glioblastomas among Lebanese patients, phenome-wide study using UK Biobank data, and more.