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Some of the biggest drug makers in the world have a problem with the way the US Food and Drug Administration defines different types of biomarkers in its draft guidance on pharmacogenomics data submissions, according to documents released by the agency recently...Subscribers: click headline for more

Celera Diagnostics will deliver its first internally developed genetic test to a large reference lab in July, according to a company official...Subscribers: click headline for more

At A Glance
Name: Alden Philbrick
Title: Founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Oxford Finance.

Amersham Biosciences Assay Kits


Amersham Biosciences has launched six assay kits for detecting and measuring certain environmental pollutants.

Eclipse Diagnostics, a new diagnostics subsidiary of Large Scale Biology that plans to market mass spec-based pattern recognition technology, announced its management team last week:

That breeze blowing in from Madison, Wis., is Third Wave sighing with relief...Subscribers: click headline for more

Private-equity investments in genomics-related tool and technology companies shrank 25 percent in 2003 compared with 2002...Subscribers: click headline for more

By teaming with Bayer to develop in vitro diagnostics for HIV drug resistance, Amersham Biosciences is hoping to take aim at one-time rival Applied Biosystems in a large and steadily growing market...Subscribers: click headline for more

Decode Genetics has appointed Celltech CEO Goran Ando to its board of directors.

At A Glance
Name: Michael Malinowski

An international team of researchers claim to have identified and genealogically traced a rare deletion mutation linked to hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer. The mutation predisposes individuals to cancers of the colon, endometrium, and ovaries.

Describing the current regulatory environment as a unique window of opportunity for diagnostic-therapeutic companion products, Steven Gutman, director of the US Food and Drug Administration s Office of In Vitro Diagnostics, said an upcoming draft guidance on these so-called theranostics is a high priority at the agency...Subscribers: click headline for more

Applied Biosystems has launched its VariantSEQr resequencing system. The product is sold with ready-to-use primers for high-throughput gene amplification and resequencing; no primer design or validation is required by the user, ABI said.

An official within the International HapMap Project has questioned whether the click-wrap license agreement unveiled last December would succeed...Subscribers: click headline for more

Iceland Genomics has hired Sequenom alumnus Dana Hosseini to the positions of president and CEO, effective immediately. Hosseini also becomes a member of the board of directors.

At A Glance
Name: Jeffrey Moe
Title: Executive in residence and senior director of business development for the health sector management program at the Duke University Fuqua School of Business

Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute have uncovered “strong evidence” that debunks the theory that Caucasians of NorthernEuropean descent — specifically, descendents of people who had been resistant to bubonic plague — may carry a gene mutation that protects against HIV.

NHGRI’s Collins to Lead Roundtable Into Race Terms and Genomic Trials


The Wall Street Journal looks into FamilyTreeDNA's handling of genetic genealogy searches by law enforcement.

In a point-counterpoint in the Boston Globe, researchers discuss the potential of gene editing to prevent Lyme disease, but also the pitfalls of doing so.

MIT's Technology Review reports that researchers hope to develop a CRISPR-based pain therapy.

In Science this week: atlas of malaria parasites' gene expression across their life cycles, and more.