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A handful of staffers at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain are devising a plan to build a three-way pharmacogenetics bridge between drug and diagnostic makers, pharmacists, and physicians...Subscribers: click headline for more

SurroMed will parlay the misfortune of a collaborator into a program to develop a range of cancer diagnostic products, a company official told SNPtech Reporter this week...Subscribers: click headline for more

ParAllele BioScience tapped Motorola Life Sciences founder Nicholas Naclerio to be president, replacing Tom Willis, who will continue his responsibilities as chief scientific officer.

The US Food and Drug Administration s July 8 letter to the chief of Roche Diagnostics will likely set the tone for the way the agency oversees analyte specific reagents in the future, according to industry experts...Subscribers: click headline for more

In a small German port city on the North Sea coast, the 15 men and women who make up GAG Bioscience are gearing up to take on the industry leader in scrapie-susceptibility genotyping...Subscribers: click headline for more

Orchid Biosciences CFO Andrew Savadelis has been replaced by Michael Spicer.

Tm Bioscience has rolled out its Tag-It Mutation Detection Kit for P450-2D6.

At A Glance
Name: Ron Eisenwinter
Title: Consultant on FDA and regulatory issues, Boston Healthcare Associates-Expertech
Age: 49
Background: BS in cell biology and biochemistry from Boston University.

Invitrogen to Acquire Molecular Probes for $325M — Six Times Revenue
Invitrogen has bought privately held Molecular Probes for $325 million in cash — a whopping six times what the company earned in sales last year.

Patients with an early form of non-small-cell lung cancer are “more than twice as likely” to die of the disease within four years if they have a mutation in the p53 oncogene, according to research conducted at the University of Rochester, in New York.

The US Food and Drug Administration has summoned Heinrich Dreismann, the general manager for Roche Molecular Diagnostics, to come to the agency to discuss why the company is marketing its AmpliChip microarray as an analyte specific reagent...Subscribers: click headline for more

Beckman Coulter will significantly improve on a recently acquired genotyping product in the hopes of dominating the middle-market research community, SNPtech Reporter has learned...Subscribers: click headline for more

Pfizer has put Pharmacia s diagnostics unit on the block and said last week that the division, though healthy, is not aligned with the drug giant s commercial focus...Subscribers: click headline for more

UCSF Researchers Identify Gene Family, Mutation Tied to Longevity
Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, have identified around 200 genes and other biological systems that are believed to double the life span of C. elegans.

Roche Diagnostics has finally launched its AmpliChip CYP450 microarray-based assay in the United States.

At A Glance
Name: Roy Bullingham
Age: 57
Title: Healthcare consultant for Sicetnon

European AIDS Research Center to Test CombiMatrix siRNA against HIV
CombiMatrix and the Retrovirology Laboratory irsiCaixa, an AIDS research center based in Barcelona, will test the efficacy of CombiMatrix’s pooled siRNA compounds against the HIV-1 virus.

Richard De Schutter has been elected chairman of Incyte’s board of directors, the Palo Alto, Calif. company said earlier this week.

Texas Researchers Identify New Genomic Site Associated With Fatal Cardiac Disorder
Researchers have mapped a new location for the genetic mutation that causes familial thoracic aortic aneurysm and dissection, or TAAD.

At A Glance
Name: David Melzer
Title: Clinical research associate, Institute of Public Health at University of Cambridge


The American Prospect writes that the pilot program to test the DNA of migrants could lead to more family separations.

An international commission is to develop a report on how researchers, clinicians, and regulators should evaluate the clinical applications of human germline genome editing.

The US Department of Agriculture presents a new blueprint for animal genomic research.

In Genome Research this week: repetitive element deletion linked to altered methylation and more in form of muscular dystrophy; human contamination in draft bacterial and archaeal genomes; and more.