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While it s a fairly widely held assumption that a protein analysis and identification facility should include a range of both high- and low-end mass spectrometers, the constantly shifting seas of mass spectrometry technology can sometimes create quandaries for proteomics researchers seeking to find the right balance between price, reliability, and optimal performance. Subscribers: click headline for more.

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The challenge of getting the right formula for surface chemistry on a chip has frustrated many would-be array makers in the protein arena. How do you immobilize the ligands without allowing nonspecific binding of proteins to the chip Subscribers: click headline for more.

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Having raised $500,000 and spent almost one year developing a protocol for building a library of sequence-verified, expression-ready clones of human genes, the FLEXGene Consortium seems poised to make protoemics researchers lives a whole lot easier Subscribers: click headline for more.

Promising to alleviate some of the shortcomings of 2D gels, Lynx Therapeutics is developing a two-dimensional microchannel electrophoresis system that may reverse -- quite literally -- a few conventions in the process Subscribers: click headline for more.

Continuing its trend of doing business with suppliers who make equity investments, GeneProt last week announced it had signed an agreement with Zymark to buy four of its automated protein digestion and spotting systems Subscribers: click headline for more.

Zyomyx is off for a check-up with a diagnostics specialist: Last week, the Hayward, California-based protein chip maker said it would grant Specialty Laboratories, which offers and develops specialized clinical tests, early access to its protein biochip platform to find diagnostic protein patterns Subscribers: click headline for more.

The increasing availability of free public genomic data has long shed doubt on the wisdom of the genomic-database-subscription business model. Subscribers: click headline for more.

After signing DiaDexus as its second pharmaceutical partner last month, Beyond Genomics last week chose Micromass to provide liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry equipment for the systems biology company s proteomics platform. Subscribers: click headline for more.

In the world of proteomics, Europroteome chief medical officer Marc Reymond is a bit of a maverick. Subscribers: click headline for more.

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Christoph Hls, Helmut Meyer, Martin Blggel, Axel Ullrich, Holly Kleinert, Mike Sherman, Peter Chambre, John Aston. Correction: In the 2-25-02 issue of ProteoMonitor, the article, Proteomics without Pathology and Clinical Data Will Fail : Swiss Meeting, incorrectly stated that Europroteome s algorithm for predicting colorectal cancer patient prognosis was based on data collected from 135 patients. In fact, Europroteome s team of 40-odd clinicians from research hospitals across Europe compiled pathology and clinical information (134 variables) from 645 patients undergoing surgery for phase I colorectal cancer. Subscribers: click headline for more.

Industry Briefs: Mar 4, 2002


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Just over two years after GeneProt s founders met in the business travelers lounge of Boston s Logan Airport to start one of the first large-scale proteomics companies, GeneProt s flagship facility in Geneva is evidence that they have made great strides towards maturity Subscribers: click headline for more.

In a talk that illustrated the plethora of proteomics technologies available for researchers with ample resources, Roche s proteomics director Hanno Langen shared new developments in his approach to separating and analyzing proteins last week at the IBC Proteomics and the Proteome conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Subscribers: click headline for more.

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A German shepherd called Nala has had her genome sequenced.

A coronavirus serology test garners Emergency Use Authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration, but the Los Angeles Times asks: how will tests like that be used?

Certain gene variants in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle may keep brains young, according to New Scientist.

In Science this week: increased CD8 T cell density and increased IFN-gamma response may indicate metastatic prostate cancer patients who will respond to immune checkpoint blockade therapy.