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LSBC Hires Former Banker As President; CFO Retires

For the first time in its 13 year history, the Genome Sequencing and Analysis Conference (GSAC) devoted a morning s plenary session to proteomics, which included talks by Denis Hochstrasser, co-founder of GeneProt, Scott Patterson, vice president of proteomics at Celera, and Dolores Cahill, a protein array researcher at the Max-Planck Institute of Molecular Genetics in Berlin.

Name: Scott Patterson
Position: Vice President, Proteomics, Celera Genomics
Age: 39

Celera Adds geneformatics’ database to cds offerings

A patent and licensing dispute between Biosite and Xoma has disrupted a collaboration between Large Scale Biology Corporation (LSBC) and Biosite, and threatens to derail LSBC s efforts to develop protein microarrays, company officials told ProteoMonitor last week.

As structural biology companies race ahead to obtain x-ray crystallography structures of promising drug targets, the biggest hurdle has traditionally been getting access to tunable x-ray sources at synchrotrons.

Bruker Daltonics and Biacore have agreed to jointly develop an instrument system for analyzing proteins that combines surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and mass spectrometry, the companies said last week.

As a genomics-based biotech company, Millennium Pharmaceuticals has built some of its largest collaborations to date -- with companies such as Bayer and Aventis -- on the basis of its microarray and other gene expression technologies. But in recent months the Cambridge, Mass.-based company has indicated it is expanding its efforts in proteomics to augment its drug discovery arsenal.

In an effort to attract investors to its multi-dimensional liquid chromatography-based separation technology, Eichrom Technologies last week spun off its proteomics operations as a wholly-owned subsidiary called Eprogen.

Having outgrown the need for an in-house demonstration lab, Genomic Solutions announced earlier this month that it would spin off its costly proteomics research services business and form a new company, aptly named Proteomic Research Services (PRS).

Invitrogen plans to develop 2D gel electrophoresis technology for applications in proteomics using protein synthesis technology licensed from Gryphon Sciences, an Invitrogen spokesperson said last week.

Genomic Solutions


The US Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Genomic Solutions US patent 6,302,159, entitled “Apparatus and method of carrying out flow through chemistry of multiple mixtures.” The patent covers technology developed by Genomic Solutions for its ProPrep and ProG

Name: John M. Bergeron
Position: Chief Scientific Officer, Caprion Pharmaceuticals, Montreal, Quebec

Aspira Biosystems Wins $108K SBIR Grant to Develop Protein Chip

National Cancer Institute researchers have teamed up with AxCell Biosciences to study how two families of proteins participate in signal transduction pathways, AxCell said Oct. 10.

In the wake of the recent rash of deliveries of anthrax by mail in the US, DNA tests for pathogens used as biological weapons have come to be seen as the answer to the public s need for quick, reliable systems for detecting anthrax and other pathogens such as tularemia and smallpox.

Steering the scientific direction of proteomics is not an easy task, but participants at Defining the Proteomics Agenda, a conference held by the American Chemical Society Oct. 7-10 in Leesburg, Va., made tentative steps toward laying out what the field should try to accomplish.

Joanna Albala, a senior biomedical scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, said her lab s new partnership with proteomics company Phylos is the outcome of a true networking opportunity at last year s Chips to Hits meeting in Philadelphia. It was there that executives from Phylos, a Lexington, Mass., developer of protein binders, happened to be on the lookout for a collaborator that could custom deliver target proteins. Albala sat down next to one of them during a luncheon in the exhibit hall.

Position: CSO Large Scale Biology, Gaithersburg, MD
Age: 52
Prior Experience: Co-head of Molecular Anatomy Program, Argonne National Laboratory


The Hill reports President Donald Trump issued an executive directing federal agencies to cut the number of board and advisory committees they have.

The New York Times reports that researchers are combining tools to more quickly develop crops to feed a growing population and cope with shifting climates.

Scientists in Canada are looking to the UK's plan to sequence children with rare conditions for inspiration, the National Post reports.

In PNAS this week: copy number changes arose during polar bear evolution, genomic and transcriptomic analysis of the Siberian hamster, and more.