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The firm will use the funds to develop protein biomarker-based personalized medicine assays.

The companies will support cancer researchers with technologies used for targeted resequencing of cancer samples.

The genomics services shop has received CAP accreditation and GMP certification from Belgium.

IP Update: Apr 16, 2009


USPTO Publishes Two Patents, 13 Patent Applications Related to RNAi

Founded in 2000 on technology developed at the Ontario Cancer Institute and University of Toronto, Molecular Templates had difficulty securing add-on funding in its home country following a $1.5 million investment earlier this decade.

People Transfer: Apr 15, 2009


Burrill promotes Aynechi, Vygantas, and Patel; UVA Patent Foundation honors Mugler and Brookeman as inventors of the year; and Balser to succeed Jacobson as vice chancellor for health affairs at Vanderbilt

The issue is divisive in that results from a comparative effectiveness study could alter how insurers reimburse certain drugs and diagnostics, which could in turn change physicians' prescribing habits.

After going through a restructuring phase at the end of last year in which it temporarily laid off its entire staff, LightSpeed continues to develop its optical detection technology and plans to test it with a new sequencing chemistry this year.

"We don't want to be part of a commodity market with a lot of close competition," said Peer Stähler, Febit's chief scientific officer. "There are at least 20 companies worldwide that are competing to sell the cheapest genes."

Persistent, which offers a broad range of IT services, is betting that the IU alliance will expand its life science capabilities, particularly within the area of second-generation sequencing.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's Center for Cancer Computational Biology, GenoLogics, Johns Hopkins National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Proteomics Center, AstraZeneca, BioWisdom, Physiomics, Eli Lilly, Applied Biosystems, Golden Helix

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The company aims to tackle the two major issues in the antibody field — poor quality and too few antibodies — by defining a so-called "affome," an antibody set against all proteins in the human proteome.

IP Update: Apr 9, 2009


USPTO Publishes Five Patents, Four Patent Applications Related to RNAi

The approximately $17 million acquisition, announced last week, will have "no impact" on Clinical Data's focus as a pharmacogenomics company, according to CEO Drew Fromkin.

BioArray Briefs: 2009.04.07


CGC Genetics, Nuvera Biosciences, Veridex, ImaGenes, CapitalBio, Fisher Healthcare, Osmetech, National Institutes of Health, Clinical Data, Cogenics, UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

The company cleared ISO 9001:2008 standards for its genomics and proteomics offerings.

NHGRI will award around $120 million in grants over this year and next year under the stimulus act.

Several of the company's microarray-based tests have been certified in China and Europe.

The New Zealand firm, which is "evaluating all options," has also been unable to secure the more than $1 million it is owed for selling its stake in a biofuels shop, or to find funding from a government technology-investment group.


The founder of MeTooSTEM, BethAnn McLaughlin, created a Twitter account purported to be that of an LGBTQ Native American professor at Arizona State University, the New York Times writes.

Novavax reports its candidate SARS-CoV-2 vaccine leads to immune responses, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Gene length is associated with lifespan in a comparative genomics study appearing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that draws on the whale shark genome.

In Nucleic Acids Research this week: effort to annotate the rat transcriptome, web-based resource to characterize marine microbes, and more.