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The company will provide sequence capture services using NimbleGen's technology.

As part of the deal, Heidelberg, Germany-based Febit will install several of Life Tech's SOLiDs and real-time PCR systems in its genomic-services facility, and aims to process around 1,000 samples per week by the first half of next year.

The deal is part of a strategic co-marketing agreement between Febit and Life Technologies, under which Febit has become a member of Life Tech's service provider programs for SOLiD and TaqMan.

The alliance combines Febit's HybSelect sequence capture technology with Life Tech's SOLiD sequencing system.

The agreement, under which Life Technologies will co-market Agilent's SureSelect Target Enrichment System with the Applied Biosystems SOLiD sequencer, follows a similar deal that Agilent signed with Illumina in April.

Scientific & Medical Products gained exclusive rights to distribute a sample prep technology in the UK and Ireland.

By entering the target enrichment market, the Olink Bioscience subsidiary will compete with Agilent Technologies, Febit, Fluidigm, LC Sciences, RainDance Technologies, and Roche NimbleGen.

New Products: Sep 1, 2009


NEBNext DNA Sample Prep Reagent Set 1, GenBank 173.0, COSMIC v43

OGT will dsitribute SciGene's microarray sample processing equipment in Europe.

Affymetrix and Beckman Coulter will develop a platform combining their technologies for automated target preparation.

Scientists from the University of Washington and Agilent Technologies have sequenced the exomes of a dozen individuals, identifying a range of genetic variants that include disease-related mutations.

SeqWright CEO Fei Lu said this week that Lilly is one of an increasing number of pharma customers that have specifically requested sequence capture and sequencing services from the firm.

The method, called primer extension capture, or PEC, is especially suited for capturing short DNA fragments in order to sequence a few small genomic regions in large numbers of individuals. Originally developed to analyze areas of interest in the Neandertal nuclear genome, it might also be useful for other types of targeted sequencing applications.

Agilent Technologies and Febit this week separately announced expansions to their sequence capture product lines, while Roche NimbleGen discussed plans to grow its seq-cap portfolio by year end.

BlueGnome will use the PicoPlex in its SurePlex DNA Amplification system.

This summer, Agilent plans to introduce a SureSelect kit for paired-end sequencing on the Illumina GA. The company is also working on versions of SureSelect for use with Applied Biosystems' SOLiD sequencer and the 454 Life Sciences platform.

Over the next year or so, Polonator developers plan additional improvements, including reagent kits, increased read lengths, and a simpler library preparation protocol. By 2010, they expect the output per run to increase tenfold, to 100 gigabases.

Qiagen licensed HandyLab's extraction technology for use in the sample prep process for its HPV assays.

Short Reads: Mar 24, 2009


Life Technologies, J. Craig Venter Institute, BioNanomatrix, Nanosys, Geospiza, HDF Group, Pressure BioSciences, Cofactor Genomics, Ambry Genetics, Affymetrix, Navigenics, Enzymatics, New York State Department of Health, University of Washington

The grant will support the development of the firm's pressure cycling technology in sample prep for microbiome studies.


Rady Children's Institute for Genomic Medicine and Deloitte are looking into the use of drones to transport samples for testing. 

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing firm 23andMe is laying off about 100 people.

Researchers from Northwestern University examined dust for antibiotic-resistance genes, New Scientist reports. 

In Science this week: researchers present a computational method for predicting cellular differentiation state from single-cell RNA sequencing data, and more.