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Four AB Sciex 4000 QTraps will be used to test for stimulants, masking agents, glucocortisteroids, and insulin.

Thermo will use the ABPP technology in proteomics tools that it will market and sell worldwide.

Danaher has closed the acquisition, and the mass spec operations will operate under the name AB Sciex. MDS plans to return the majority of proceeds from the sale to shareholders through a share buyback.

PerkinElmer withdrew the patent infringement suit only a week after filing it.

The agreement settles a suit brought in Canada last month by PerkinElmer against MDS, seeking to block the transfer of a joint venture with MDS Analytical Technologies to Danaher.

The suit relates to mass spectrometry patents held by PerkinElmer and comes a month after the firm filed a separate action against MDS in Canada.

Officials from the company said Thermo Fisher's R&D investments would target mass spectrometry, specialty diagnostics, and bioscience reagents.

The triple-quadrupole spectrometer will be used by a 28-member collaborative group around New York.

The revenue from the stimulus orders surpasses a $50 million estimate provided by the firm just a few months ago.

The firms will combine their respective technologies to identify and measure cancer-related protein targets.

Biocius holds all of the intellectual property related to the RapidFire mass spectrometry platform formerly owned by Biotrove.

PerkinElmer has filed a notice of application with a Canadian court seeking alternatives to providing its consent for MDS's pending sale of a joint venture between the firms to Danaher.

Using microscopy, mass spec, and high-throughput sequencing, a team of researchers have detected and characterized a new giant virus inside the amoeba Acanthamoeba polyphaga.

The deal, valued at more than $3 million, would provide NuSep with BioInquire's ProteoIQ software, which helps customers identify proteins separated by mass spec instruments.

The company is currently collaborating with Ian Lipkin's lab at Columbia University to co-develop a set of MassTag PCR panels for infectious disease screening that it plans to commercialize some time in the next year.

German diagnostic lab association Synlab will equip its more than 70 laboratories exclusively with Bruker's MALDI Biotyper system for molecular microbial identification.

Biodesix offers to help pay for the cost of the test for those patients whose doctors have determined they need it, but who don't have adequate insurance coverage.

Infocom will market UK-based SpectralWorks' software platforms in Japan.

In an effort to understand what makes a "minimal cell" tick, European researchers profiled the proteome, metabolome, and transcriptome of the small genome-containing pathogen Mycoplasma pneumoniae.

Mayo Clinic has licensed rights to IP that will be used in its test for for diagnosing and classifying amyloidosis.


The Wall Street Journal reports on the struggle to meet the demand for rapid COVID-19 testing.

The Newsroom reports New Zealand is using genomics to trace the origins of its new coronavirus outbreak.

In Nature this week: researchers in Canada sequence the genome of the black mustard plant Brassica nigra, and more.

According to Bloomberg, Moderna has a $1.5 billion vaccine deal with the US to provide 100 million doses.