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The Triple Quad 4500MD LC-MS/MS system, which consists of the LC-MS/MS platform along with Sciex's Analyst MD, Cliquid MD, and MultiQuant MD software, can be used for in vitro diagnostics.

Assurex Health will use the MassArray system with its GeneSight Psychotropic pharmacogenetic test.

The system combines Intact's fungal artificial chromosome technology with mass spec to identify compounds potentially useful for therapeutic and other purposes.

The approval covers Waters' Acquity UPLC and Acquity UPLC I-Class systems, as well as its Xevo TQD, Xevo TQ-S micro, and Xevo TQ-S mass spectrometers.

With the exception of Thermo Fisher Scientific, which released three new instruments, vendors focused mainly on expanded applications of existing platforms.

The agreement involves Thermo Fisher's Orbitrap mass specs and Biognosys' Spectronaut Pulsar software for data-independent acquisition studies.

The researchers developed a parallel-reaction monitoring mass spec assay to measure levels of eight proteins involved in immune checkpoint regulation.

Announced during the company's recent analyst day, the instrument could mark a major step in mass spectrometry's ongoing move into clinical applications.

Called IonStar, the approach uses MS1-level measurements on high-res mass spec to enable reproducible quantification of proteomes across large sample sets.

Protein patterns in patient-derived xenografts sometimes pointed to different alterations than those predicted from somatic mutation and expression data.

The device uses triboelectric nanogenerators to precisely control mass spec ionization, allowing researchers to analyze a higher percentage of generated ions.

The researchers identified a set of potentially antimicrobial peptides in Komodo dragon plasma using a mass spectrometry-based "bioprospecting" technique.

The company said the funds would be used to develop new products based on its proprietary mass spec technology.

The company has licensed the Limited Proteolysis technology developed by ETH Zurich Professor Paola Picotti, which can assess proteome-wide structural changes.

The researchers have developed a method using de novo sequencing of antibody variable regions that they said could add power to conventional biomarker studies.

Using multiple digestion enzymes and an Orbitrap Fusion Lumos, they identified 13,728 proteins with 57 percent median sequence coverage in MCF-7 cells.

Under a new co-exclusive agreement, Thermo Fisher will be able to sell 908's ZipChip platform alongside its HRAM mass spec instruments.

The company reported revenues of $470.3 million, down from $478.2 million in Q4 2015 but beating the average analysts' estimate of $464.5 million.

A report from Leerink predicted Thermo Fisher Scientific could launch such a system within the next year, potentially opening up the clinical mass spec market.

The firms will work to implement MALDI PharmaPulse high-throughput mass spec instrumentation at AMRI's Integrated Drug Discovery Center.


While gene therapies may have high price tags, they could be cheaper than the cost of managing disease, according to MIT's Technology Review.

Researchers are looking for markers that indicate which cancer patients may respond to immunotherapies, the Associated Press writes.

In Nature this week: paternal age associated with de novo mutations in children, and more.

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