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The findings could additionally inform future studies of cardiovascular disease and hypertension treatments for people.

Using a gene-level heritability analysis approach, investigators came up with a collection of genes that come together to influence the risk for more than a dozen cancer types.

The method, which uses a metabolic marker called hexokinase-2, could be developed to predict cancer patient prognosis and determine progression-free survival.

In the first five years of the Genomic Medicine Center Karolinska-Rare Disease program, molecular diagnoses were generated for about 40 percent of patients.

The firm highlighted a new study exploring immune-related gene expression in ovarian cancer and gave an update on its lead diagnostic candidate for head and neck tumors.

The organization has released guidance on the use of DNA-based screening in an effort to show how it can be used to improve population health.

Analysts for the investment bank, which co-managed a recent 10x stock offering, said the company could "redefine the way biological analysis is performed."

The competitive contracts support sequencing of random positive patient samples by the commercial diagnostic labs.

The deal to create a comprehensive genomic profiling test for Illumina's NextSeq 550Dx comes months after the instrument received regulatory approval in China.

NeoGenomics will use its gene fusion panels to identify patients with solid tumors and an NRG1 fusion who might qualify for Elevation's Phase II CRESTONE study. 

The lab will perform DNA and RNA sequencing as well as well as liquid biopsy analyses to advance precision oncology in New Jersey and the East Coast.

There may have been an intermediary species that passed SARS-CoV-2 from bats to humans, but a new study says the virus evolved to be a generalist infector.

The group aims to adapt the method, which detects poly-adenine tails, to monitor for minimal residual disease in late-stage colon cancer patients after surgery.

Boston-based Variantyx will expand its whole-genome sequencing testing method to oncology from rare inherited and neurological disorders.

Called AtacWorks, the software removes noise from sequencing so low-cell-count, low-coverage, or low-quality ATAC-seq data can still be useful.

The European firm said it has developed a multiplex test in part to lessen concerns that confirmed variants could reduce the accuracy of its current PCR assays for SARS-CoV-2.

The team plans to integrate the method, which combines mutation enrichment with duplex sequencing, into its platform to detect minimal residual disease in blood.

The acquisition is IDT's first since being bought by Danaher and is a departure from its previous acquisitions of oligo synthesis businesses.

The University of Washington spinout, formerly called Split Biosciences, has received orders for its new whole-transcriptome kit from 50 early-access partners.

The program will identify new pathogens, analyze potential risk level, develop and deploy new diagnostic testing, and assess the public health impact.


The FDA and CDC call for a pause in administering Johnson & Johnson's SARS-CoV-2 vaccine while reports of rare blood clots are looked into, reports the Wall Street Journal.

According to the Associated Press, a Swiss program aims to shepherd long-term science projects and diplomacy.

CNN reports that two new studies suggest the B.1.1.7 SARS-CoV-2 variant may be more transmissible, but may not lead to more severe disease.

In PNAS this week: analysis of pathway affecting acute kidney injury, parental-specific allelic expression in horse placenta, and more.