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CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--Variagenics announced the appointment of Colin Dykes to the newly created position of vice-president, genomics.

CARLSBAD, Calif.--Invitrogen announced the launch of E-Gels, a self-contained, bufferless, precast agarose gel, to make DNA electrophoresis easier and more convenient. The technology provides forensic, military, environmental, and other researchers with a portable electrophoresi

CLEVELAND--NetGenics has appointed Nancy Wysenski, formerly of Astra Merck in Wayne, Pa., to the position of senior vice-president, operations.

LAS VEGAS--AgriBioTech, a full-service seed company here specializing in the forage and turfgrass seed sector, announced that it entered a biotechnology commercialization and equity stake agreement with Global Agro, a technology resource organization focused on plant agriculture

LA JOLLA, Calif.--Agouron Pharmaceuticals announced its intention to create a separate operating division in which the company's research and development of products for oncology and related fields will be conducted.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.--Axys Pharmaceuticals announced that it has signed an agreement with Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, a division of American Home Products, to conduct a clinical trial to study the role played by an Axys proprietary gene variant in drug metabolism.

SEATTLE--Immunex has obtained an experimentation license for a molecule identified by Digital Gene Technology's Total Gene Expression Analysis (TOGA) technology as applied to Immunex's advanced gastrointestinal tract inflammation models in a collaboration begun in December 1997.

WASHINGTON--The US Department of Energy's Office of Biological and Environmental Research announced that it is seeking new applications in genome instrumentation for both substantial evolutionary improvements in current systems and revolutionary technologies for the post-2005 era

HOUSTON--Lark Technologies has finalized an agreement with Pfizer to establish an in-house contract service laboratory focused on providing high-quality, fast-turnaround DNA sequencing services for Pfizer.

SAN DIEGO--Privately held Structural Bioinformatics (SBI) elected Arne Gillin to its board of directors and named Dean Goddette vice-president of marketing and sales. Gillin represented Dansk Kapitalanlaeg Aktieselskab in SBI's recent round of financing.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--Silicon Graphics announced that it will supply Novartis divisions around the world with Origin high-performance servers and Octane graphics workstations.

NEW HAVEN, Conn.--CuraGen and DuPont Agricultural Enterprise have signed a collaborative research agreement to explore the application of genomics to enhance the discovery and development of crop protection products. "We believe that genomics will accelerate DuPont's effo

INDIANAPOLIS--Eli Lilly has licensed Pangea's bioinformatics software, including the GeneWorld application, GeneThesaurus data subscription service, and its information management environment, Pulse, for use in Lilly's genomics and target validation efforts.

WASHINGTON--A bill that would increase the number of visas granted to emigrant high-tech workers over the next several years could be good news for bioinformatics departments struggling to fill vacant positions. In late July, House and Senate Republicans reached a compromise on a bill

SALT LAKE CITY--Myriad Genetics has been awarded a patent for a method of determining the complete sequence of a gene in order to correctly determine its protein product, which also hastens the understanding of how the gene is regulated.

TORONTO--The Hospital for Sick Children here announced the creation of the Centre for Applied Genomics to "focus on activities that will allow Canada to benefit from the biological information being generated by the Human Genome Project." "Since the early 1950's the Hospi

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--Genzyme Molecular Oncology here and Bayer have inked an agreement that will allow Bayer the use of Genzyme Molecular Oncology's patented Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) technology. Bayer will utilize SAGE to identify genes that may have import

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--Millennium Pharmaceuticals has launched a strategic initiative to build a network of clinical research alliances to enhance its drug discovery, development, and predictive medicine efforts, the company said.

SANTA FE, NM--The National Center for Genome Resources here appointed three new members to its board of directors.

CLAREMONT, Calif.--The Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences here announced the appointment of David Galas as chief academic officer. The institute is the newly founded graduate school for life sciences in the Claremont Consortium of Colleges.


A study of families explores how children transmit SARS-CoV-2, according to the Associated Press.

US Agricultural Research Service scientists have sequenced the genome of the Asian giant hornet.

According to the Economist, pooled testing for COVID-19 could help alleviate strains on testing labs.

In Science this week: MIT researchers outline approach dubbed translatable components regression to predict treatment response among IBD patients.