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A Life Technologies scientist said that the availability of the open kit, which will enable researchers to design their own TaqMan protein expression assays, will bring qPCR-based protein expression analysis "to the masses."

"Do you see the laboratories operating on a 24-hour-a-day basis with [competing] systems?" said CEO John Bishop. "You do not, because there's often a ton of maintenance required to run them and you need more qualified personnel."

Researchers in the UK, led by Nigel Brenwald in the department of microbiology at Birmingham's City Hospital, recently looked into the feasibility of bringing a real time PCR-based MRSA test into the point-of-care setting in order to reduce the time to result.

Patents awarded to Idaho Technology, University of Utah, University of California, Integrated DNA Technologies, Canon, and more

Roche's cobas 4800 for HPV, CT, and NG; BD's ProbeTec Qx Amplified DNA Assays, Transgenomic's Surveyor Scan KRAS kit

Product Watch: Dec 10, 2009


Finnzymes' Phire Animal Tissue Direct PCR Kit; Biomatrica's DNAgard; Premier Biosoft's Primer Premier 6.00; Fluidigm's 48.48 Access Array; Bio-Rad's Real-Time PCR iPhone App

Ruediger Naumann-Etienne

In launching its Surveyor Scan KRAS mutation detection kit, Transgenomic will take on DxS' KRAS test, which is being globally marketed by Roche.

In a "non-final action" issued last month, the USPTO rejected the claims of the patent because they are "not patentably distinct" from those of another patent that was awarded in 2001 and assigned to Roche Molecular Systems.

The company is currently collaborating with Ian Lipkin's lab at Columbia University to co-develop a set of MassTag PCR panels for infectious disease screening that it plans to commercialize some time in the next year.

While the system will provide a level of multiplexing that is "more than conventional PCR, but not as high as microarrays in general," the expected cost "is on par with, and in some respects lower than, what hospitals and clinics are paying for real-time PCR."

The company is seeking the CLIA waiver while it also pursues FDA clearance of the FilmArray and a respiratory panel designed to identify and detect 22 upper respiratory diseases.

Sinuhe Hahn of University Women's Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, and colleagues developed a "short amplicon" real-time qPCR assay to determine the role of amplicon length in detecting cell-free fetal DNA.

Under the terms of the agreement, Link will manufacture and sell diagnostic reagents based on the so-called exciplex technology, which is able to reduce the background fluorescent signal in nucleic acid assays in order to improve the detection sensitivity.

An Olink official said that the company is particularly interested in the IP surrounding target-primed rolling circle amplification because it can enable "single cell/single molecule in situ detection of nucleic acids."

Patents awarded to Nanosphere, Hologic, WaferGen, Stanford University, Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, and more

Roche's H1N1 kit and TaqScreen MPX Test; Prodesse's ProParaflu+ assay; Nanosphere's Verigene Respiratory Virus Nucleic Acid Test; Quest's Simplexa Influenza A H1N1 (2009) test

Product Watch: Dec 3, 2009


Thermo Fisher's Verbatim High Fidelity DNA Polymerase; WaferGen's SmartChip PCR services; NuGen Ovation for RNA-Seq; ZyGem's forensicGEM saliva DNA extraction kit

Matthias Düchting, Jürg Dübendorfer, Kees Moonen, Daan Ellens

The company will make and sell a Manchester-developed diagnostic reagent technology through an agreement that includes a research collaboration.


NPR reports that researchers have developed chimeric embryos as part of work toward growing human organs in animals for organ transplants.

According to the Washington Post, the Biden Administration is set to make changes to federal restrictions on fetal tissue research.

In Science this week: approach to isolated trace DNA from archaic humans from sediments, and more.

Texas Monthly looks into the DNA Zoo being collected by Baylor College of Medicine researchers.