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Biotest will market Biotecon's PCR system for microbiology testing.

Rapid influenza diagnostic tests only detect the new H1N1 strain and other flu viruses between 40 and 69 percent of the time, according to a pilot study by CDC researchers.

AstraZeneca is working with DxS to commercialize a EGFR mutation test kit in Europe to identify the patient population most likely to benefit from treatment with non-small cell lung cancer drug Iressa. The company has announced no such plans in the US, where the FDA has restricted any new NSCLC patients from receiving the drug.

The two companies have cross-licensed "certain technologies," enabling both firms to develop IVD products based on DNA methylation that use DxS' Scorpions technology.

The companies agreed to options giving them licenses to use the other’s tools for research and commercial applications.

Enigma Diagnostics gained access to two Roche patents for use in its multiplex PCR tests for human and animal diseases.

New data presented at the International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease by Allen Roses and his team from Duke University may lead to the development of a new diagnostic test that can predict whether a person will develop Alzheimer's and at what age.

BlueGnome will use the PicoPlex in its SurePlex DNA Amplification system.

Under the partnership announced this week, DxS' RT-PCR technology will be joined with Exosome Dx's xOSO technology — which collects nucleic acids from blood exosomes — to develop blood-based companion diagnostics for detecting cancer gene mutations.

The method, which is detailed in the current issue of Genome Biology, involves using the mean expression value of all expressed miRNAs in a given sample.

BioArray Briefs: 2009.04.21


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The companies will co-market their ChIP-chip and genome amplification tools for epigenetic research.

The technology that Transgenomic has licensed is a variation of standard PCR technology that enriches mutations in samples where normal DNA predominates.

In a paper appearing online today in Nature Methods, University of Cambridge and Applied Biosystems researchers demonstrated that they could use mRNA-sequencing to evaluate the transcriptomes of single mouse cells.

New Products: Mar 31, 2009


Fluidigm SlingShot, Thermo Fisher Scientific PCR and RT-PCR Kits, NuGen WT-Ovation One-Direct RNA Amplification System

New Product Watch: Mar 31, 2009


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The collaboration will include research conducted by UT Southwestern Medical Center, which partnered with Wafergen a couple of months ago on studying biomarkers for wound healing.

LabCorp becomes the first clinical lab firm in the US to offer the recently FDA-cleared HCV test.

Snippets: Feb 4, 2009


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Roche will use Response Genetics' technology to assess a HER2 expression test.


23andMe has a holiday popup shop at a mall and could open additional stores, Bloomberg reports.

By studying koalas and a retrovirus that infects them, researchers may have uncovered a new sort of 'immune response' that occurs at the genomic level, Agence France Presse reports.

NPR reports that the first person in the US given a gene editing-based therapy for a genetic disorder is heading home.

In Science this week: ancient genomes reveal social inequality within individual households, new method for quantifying genetic variation in gene dosage, and more.