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Genomic Solutions has signed an agreement with NuTec Sciences life sciences division to jointly develop an expanded microarray analysis platform for Genomic Solutions GeneTac microarray system.

Nanogen and Motorola have settled their patent infringement dispute, with Nanogen agreeing to pay Motorola $5 million in cash and stock for a license to two claims of the patent at issue.

Seattle-area proteomics startup Prolinx plans to develop protein microarrays with a portion of $16.8 million it has just raised in a private financing round.

Affymetrix and DeCode Genetics have signed an agreement to use Affymetrix GeneChip technology to develop DNA-based tests for patient response to common disease treatments.

In life there may be no second acts, but in life sciences management, there apparently are: Lewis Gruber, the formerly embattled CEO of Hyseq has just launched Arryx, a new Chicago-based venture that will manufacture bioarrays.

AT A GLANCE Received his M.D. from Johns Hopkins University. Completed his residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

William Bennett, Ted Love.


Hyseq has appointed William Bennett as senior vice president of research.
Bennett previously worked with Hyseq CEO Ted Love at Genentech, where he served as team leader of the TNKase project and held numerous other R&D positions.

Genetix of Hampshire, UK, has introduced Qselect, an automated robotic system for managing and developing genomic and cDNA libraries.

PATENT WATCH: Jul 20, 2001


Agilix Awarded Patent for Universal Microarray Texas A&M, Affymetrix scientists Awarded BioMarker Patents for Breast, Colon Cancer Boston Biomedica Receives Patent for Novel Hybridization Technology

PerkinElmer, which agreed to acquire Packard Bioscience in a $650 million stock deal announced July 16, said it valued Packard s liquid handling and sample preparation capabilities but was also interested in using Packard s biochip instrumentation for protein chips.

NGS-ArrayIt, a joint venture between Neo Gen Screening of Bridgeville, Pa. and TeleChem/, of Sunnyvale, Calif., has recently inked contracts to use microarrays to screen over a million newborn babies per year for genetic hearing loss disorders.

Japan has lately been making quite a show of its interest in the DNA biochip and microarray market. Every week or two reports of newly developed technologies appear, the government has launched two multi-year research projects, and the domestic microarray leader, Takara Shuzo, entered the global market earlier this year, becoming the first Japanese company to do so.

Instrumentation maker Ventana Medical Systems and Becton Dickinson subsidiary Clontech Laboratories have agreed to co-market their microarray products.

Corning and microarray software developer BioDiscovery have signed an agreement to co-market Corning s gene arrays and Bio-Discovery s array imaging software, and make BioDiscovery s software compatible with Corning arrays, the companies said.

A working group of bioinformatics experts organized to devise a standardized computer format for transferring and archiving microarray data has sent its initial draft to the Object Management Group, a non-profit consortium that sets independent software standards.

AT A GLANCE Graduated in 1987 from Cardiff University, in Cardiff, Wales, UK, with a degree in biochemistry. Became technical support manager under Martin Evans and Peter Kille for the Cardiff University RNA Expression Center in April 2000.

On June 24, a day before Genometrix closed its doors, founder and chief executive officer Mitch Eggers resigned from the Woodlands, TX-based microarray services and gene expression software company to start a new genomics company.

MWG Biotech of Ebersberg, Germany, has launched RoboSmart, a new sample preparation lab robot that performs completely auto-mated plasmid or PCR product purification, including setting up, processing, and purifying the sequencing reac

PATENT WATCH: Jul 13, 2001


Yale University was awarded US Patent Number 6,255,082 for a technique of amplifying and cloning long nucleic acid sequences.

In signing a 15-year development and marketing deal, Roche Diagnostics and biochip startup CombiMatrix are betting that semiconductor chips will prove as useful for DNA and protein expression analysis as they are for the computer industry.


The first reported coronavirus cases in Europe and the US might not be related to the subsequent outbreaks in those areas, according to the New York Times.

According to NPR, there's a growing shortage of machines to run SARS-CoV-2 tests.

The Wall Street Journal and Kaiser Health News report that antibody testing for SARS-CoV-2 has led to further confusion.

In Nature this week: the largest known collection of human genetic variants, and more.