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Thermo Fisher Scientific: Nov 7, 2008

Thermo Fisher Scientific this week introduced the Thermo Scientific Precision general purpose oven and incubator line for a full range of incubation, heating, and drying applications.
The company said that its Precision products have easy-to-clean, corrosion-resistant interiors, and are available in a range of sizes. Thermo Fisher also features a complete portfolio of refrigerated incubators. 
The Thermo Scientific Precision ovens cover a temperature range from above ambient to 325 °C. Units with gravity convection are appropriate for gentle heating and drying processes, and ovens with mechanical convection are designed for faster drying processes at higher temperatures.
Space-saving models for basic applications, such as drying glassware, are available with gravity or mechanical convection.
All Thermo Scientific Precision incubator models feature temperature controllers supported by an insulated chamber. In addition, select models include internal electrical outlets for the operation of shakers, stirrers, or rotators.