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Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Chisso Corporation, and Universiteit Gent Awarded US Patents

Rigel Pharmaceuticals of South San Francisco, Calif., has been awarded US Patent 7,243,112, “Multidimensional biodata integration and relationship inference.”
The inventors listed on the patent are Kunbin Qu, Nan Lin, Yanmei Lu, and Donald Payan.
According to the abstract, this invention provides an advanced platform for the analysis of biological data that emphasizes pathway mapping and relationship inference based on data acquired from multiple diverse sources. The abstract said the platform employs a bioinformatic system that integrates data from the diverse sources, connecting related genes and proteins and inferring biological functions in the context of global cellular processes.

Chisso Corporation of Osaka-shi, Japan, has been awarded US Patent 7,241,864, “Recombinant photoproteins and their conjugates.”
The inventor listed on the patent is Satoshi Inouye.
This invention provides a photoprotein which binds with a ligand specific for a substance to be detected at a binding ratio of one to one such that the luminescence activity is not reduced by binding with the ligand, a conjugate comprising the luminescent photoprotein and ligand, and a substance detection method which employs the conjugate as a marker, the abstract said. It went on to say that “a calcium-binding photoprotein is produced having a cysteine residue introduced within the fourth amino acid residue from the amino-terminus. A conjugate is formed by binding a ligand specific for a substance to be detected to the calcium-binding photoprotein, in a binding ratio of one to one, via the introduced cysteine residue. The conjugate may be utilized as a marker for a substance to be detected. “

Universiteit Gent in Belgium has been awarded US Patent 7,241,611, “Methods for synthesis of holo-photoactive yellow protein.”
The inventors listed on the patent are John Kyndt and Jozef Van Beeumen.
The abstract states that the patent is generally related to recombinant DNA technology and more particularly to DNA strands useful for the production of parahydroxycinnamic acid and photoactive yellow protein in a suitable host expression system.

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