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Recent Cell-Based Assay Papers of Note: Jan 6, 2006


Recent Cell-Based Assay Papers of Note

Journal Title Author(s) Lead Institution
Analytical Biochemistry
2005 Dec 1;
347(1): 129-34.
A live cell hormone-binding assay on transgenic bacteria expressing a eukaryotic receptor protein Romanov GA
et al
Free University of Berlin, Germany
Analytical Biochemistry
2005 Dec 15;
347(2): 213-20.
A genetically encoded indicator for assaying bioactive chemicals that induce nuclear transport of glucocorticoid receptor Kim SB et al University of Tokyo, Japan
Analytical Chemistry
2005 Dec 15;
77(24): 8050-6.
Single-cell microarray for analyzing cellular response Yamamura S
et al
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Ishikawa, Japan
Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
2005 Dec;
49(12): 4980-8.
High-throughput assays using a luciferase-expressing replicon, virus-like particles, and full-length virus for West Nile virus drug discovery Puig-Basagoiti F
et al
Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health, Albany, NY
2006 Jan;
27(3): 452-9.
Stimulation of neurite outgrowth by neurotrophins delivered from degradable hydrogels Burdick JA
et al
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.
2005 Dec;
39(6): 894-7.
High-throughput phagocytosis assay utilizing a pH-sensitive fluorescent dye Beletskii A
et al
GE Global Research Center, Niskayuna, NY
Cell Calcium
2006 Jan;
39(1): 13-9.
Calcium imaging of individual erythrocytes: Problems and approaches Kaestner L
et al
Institute for Molecular Cell Biology, Saarland University, Homburg/Saar, Germany
Chemistry & Biology
2005 Dec;
12(12): 1281-9.
High-throughput screening of enzyme libraries: thiolactonases evolved by fluorescence-activated sorting of single cells in emulsion compartments Aharoni A
et al
Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Journal of Biological Chemistry
2005 Dec 2;
280(48): 39709-15.
Novel inhibitors of bacterial cytokinesis identified by a cell-based antibiotic screening assay Stokes NR
et al
Prolysis, Oxfordshire, UK
Journal of Biomolecular Screening
2005 Dec 16;
[Epub ahead of print].
Identification of novel Kv1.3 blockers using a fluorescent cell-based ion-channel assay Slack M
et al
Evotec, Hamburg, Germany
Journal of Biomolecular Screening
2005 Nov 28
[Epub ahead of print]
A radioligand binding assay for antitubulin activity in tumor cells Young DH
et al
Rohm and Haas, Spring House, Penn.
Journal of Immunological Methods
2005 Nov 30;
306(1-1): 169-75.
Virus free, cell-based assay for the quantification of murine type I interferons Bollati-Fogolin M and Muller W German Research Center for Biotechnology, Braunschweig, Germany
Journal of Neuroscience Methods
2005 Dec 15;
149(2): 172-7.
FlexStation examination of 5-HT(3) receptor function using Ca2+- and membrane potential-sensitive dyes: Advantages and potential problems Price KL and Lummis SC University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
Lab Chip
2006 Jan;
6(1): 149-54.
Handheld recirculation system and customized media for microfluidic cell culture Futai N et al University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Lab on a Chip
2005 Dec;
5(12): 1380-6.

Cell docking inside microwells within reversibly sealed microfluidic channels for fabricating multiphenotype cell arrays Khademhosseini A et al Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.
Life Sciences
Dec 22;
78(5): 467-75.
Novel approaches to plant drug discovery based on high-throughput pharmacological screening and genetic manipulation Littleton J
et al
Kentucky Tobacco Research and Development Center, Kentucky University, Lexington, Kent.
Nature Methods
2006 Jan;
3(1): 23-5.
Fluorescent sensors for rapid monitoring of intracellular cGMP Nikolaev VO
et al
Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Wurzburg, Germany
Nature Methods
2005 Dec;
2(12): 967-73.
High-throughput screening of effective siRNAs from RNAi libraries delivered via bacterial invasion Zhao HF
et al
Biotechnology Research Institute, National Research Council of Canada, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2005 Dec 15;
216(2-3): 154-67.
An in vitro approach to detect metabolite toxicity due to CYP3A4-dependent bioactivation of xenobiotics Vignati et al Nerviano Medical Sciences, Milan, Italy
Toxicology Letters
2005 Nov 26;
[Epub ahead of print].
Fluorescent Cell Chip:
a new in vitro approach for immunotoxicity screening
Wagner W et al Center for Medical Biology of Polish Academy of Sciences, Lodz, Poland
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