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Patent Watch : Dec 12, 2008

Raven Biotechnologies has been awarded US Patent 7,462,487, “Cell culture media.”
The inventor listed on the patent is Mary Tsao.
The patent claims methods for culturing mammalian cells, preferably human cells, to improve production of recombinant or endogenous proteins, as stated in the abstract. Methods are also provided for the growth and long-term survival of cell lines, particularly cell lines established from primary culture. Cell culture media are described that contain varying levels of selected amino acids, supplemented with various growth factors and trace elements. The media are optionally serum free, and preferably use an energy source other than glucose. The media are particularly suitable for the primary and long-term culture of human fetal cells.

The Scan

Study Finds Sorghum Genetic Loci Influencing Composition, Function of Human Gut Microbes

Focusing on microbes found in the human gut microbiome, researchers in Nature Communications identified 10 sorghum loci that appear to influence the microbial taxa or microbial metabolite features.

Treatment Costs May Not Coincide With R&D Investment, Study Suggests

Researchers in JAMA Network Open did not find an association between ultimate treatment costs and investments in a drug when they analyzed available data on 60 approved drugs.

Sleep-Related Variants Show Low Penetrance in Large Population Analysis

A limited number of variants had documented sleep effects in an investigation in PLOS Genetics of 10 genes with reported sleep ties in nearly 192,000 participants in four population studies.

Researchers Develop Polygenic Risk Scores for Dozens of Disease-Related Exposures

With genetic data from two large population cohorts and summary statistics from prior genome-wide association studies, researchers came up with 27 exposure polygenic risk scores in the American Journal of Human Genetics.