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Patent Watch: Mar 6, 2009


NPS Pharmaceuticals has been awarded US Patent 7,498,141, "Assay system for GLP-2 receptor ligands."

The inventors listed on the patent are Lidia Demchyshyn and Hong Wang.

The patent claims a method for measuring the contractility of intestinal tissue upon treatment with GLP-2 or a GLP-2 ligand, according to its abstract. Also described is an assay which directly measures the activity of GLP-2 or GLP-2 ligands ex vivo, and permits the screening of putative GLP-2 ligands in native tissue.

Shigeki Higashiyama and Daisuke Nanba have been awarded US Patent 7,498,127, "Method of screening cell growth inhibitor and cell growth inhibitor."

Its abstract states that the patent provides a method for screening a cytostatic agent, characterized by determining the effect of inhibiting intracellular signaling mediated by a remaining fragment of a cell membrane-anchored growth factor and the cytostatic agent.

Meso Scale Technologies has been awarded US Patent 7,497,997, "Assay cartridges and methods of using the same."

The inventors listed on the patent are Eli Glezer, Jonathan Leland, Mark Billadeau, Joseph Leginus, Bandele Jeffrey-Coker, Jeff Debad, Koustubh Phalnikar, and Sriram Jambunathan.

As stated in the abstract, the patent describes assay modules, preferably assay cartridges, and reader apparatuses that may be used to control aspects of module operation. The modules preferably comprise a detection chamber with integrated electrodes that may be used for carrying out electrode-induced luminescence measurements. Methods are described for immobilizing assay reagents in a controlled fashion on these electrodes and other surfaces. Assay modules and cartridges are also described that have a detection chamber, preferably having integrated electrodes, and other fluidic components that may include sample chambers, waste chambers, conduits, vents, bubble traps, reagent chambers, and dry reagent pill zones.

The Scan

Two J&J Doses

Johnson & Johnson says two doses of its SARS-CoV-2 vaccine provides increased protection against symptomatic COVID-19, CNN reports.

Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine Response in Kids

The Pfizer-BioNTech SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in a lower-dose format appears to generate an immune response among children, according to the Washington Post.

Chicken Changes to Prevent Disease

The Guardian writes that researchers are looking at gene editing chickens to help prevent future pandemics.

PNAS Papers on Siberian Dog Ancestry, Insect Reproduction, Hippocampal Neurogenesis

In PNAS this week: ancestry and admixture among Siberian dogs, hormone role in fruit fly reproduction, and more.