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Millipore, Platypus Technologies, Fluxion, Beckman Coulter, Invitrogen

Millipore this week announced the launch of its Tyrosine Kinases with BioForm technology developed by P.A. Technologies in Amherst, Mass.
BioForm technology enables the assembly of histidine-tagged proteins in an environment that mimics the environment created by a cell membrane, Millipore said. This template restores the organizing features of the membrane without membrane preparation and reconstruction procedures. According to Millipore, the technology is adaptable to a high-throughput assay format and is applicable to many signaling systems.

Platypus Technologies has added the Oris cell migration assay – Collagen Coated kit to its product line of cellular assays, the company said this week. This product was launched at the American Society for Cell Biology annual meeting in Washington, DC, Dec. 1 – 5.
According to the company, the Oris cell migration assay – Collagen Coated offers the same level of reproducibility, sensitivity, and flexibility as the original Oris cell migration assay, but provides a collagen-coated assay plate. The manufacturer said that this collagen coating enables researchers to perform cell migration studies on cell lines that require an extracellular matrix for motility. Like the original assay, the Oris cell migration assay – Collagen Coated permits kinetic and endpoint studies, multiple approaches to cell labeling, and morphological analyses of cells.
The kit uses readily available lab equipment and is available in a 96-well plate format. The assay is offered as a one-plate starter pack and as a five-plate multi-pack.

Fluxion Bioscience introduced its BioFlux 200 system at the American Society for Cell Biology annual meeting earlier this month, the company announced this week. 
The BioFlux 200 incorporates Fluxion’s proprietary microfluidic design to deliver an automated, reproducible system for studying live cells and biofilms under controlled-shear conditions. According to the manufacturer, the system can produce between 50 and 100 data points from cell adhesion assays in 30 minutes.
The BioFlux 200 runs Fluxion’s SBS-standard 24- or 48-well disposable microtiter plates. Each BioPlate is supplied pre-sterilized with all of the fluidics fully integrated to the bottom of the well plate. 
The system also includes software to automate experimental setup, the company said. The BioFlux 200’s image analysis system for cell adhesion allows investigators to automate calculation of static adhesion, migration, and rolling velocities.

Beckman Coulter this week announced the successful integration of its Cell Lab Quanta SC Multi-Platform Loader into a fully automated "seed and feed" cell culture system.
The integrated system provides data and cellular growth parameters for the evaluation of clone selection, cell expansion, and protein expression results. The Quanta SC MPL is integrated online with other peripheral devices and a robotic arm that moves cell culture plates to the flow cytometer for analysis. Data from the analysis is automatically captured by the Quanta SC MPL's software for real-time and subsequent analysis and interpretation. 
The Quanta SC features three-color fluorescence, side scatter, electronic volume, and absolute count measurements, along with software, automated color compensation, and multiple excitation wavelengths, including ultraviolet. The MPL upgrade option allows the handling of samples in both plates and tubes and sample preparation prior to acquisition.
The Quanta SC MPL can analyze a sample in as little as 30 seconds and in ANSI/SBS labware formats, including 24-, 96-, or 384-well plates. An optional software package supports 21 CFR part 11 compliance with features such as administrator-defined user access and data file audit trails.

Invitrogen this week announced the launch of a new color for its Molecular Probes Qdot fluorescent label product line.
The Qdot 625 nanocrystal fluorescent label can be seen as orange and fills an important spectral gap for dense, multi-color experiments, the company said. In addition, the Qdot 625 glows more brightly than longer-wavelength Qdots.

Current products using the Qdot 625 nanocrystal include the Qdot 625 streptavidin conjugate, the Qdot 625 goat F(ab')2 anti-mouse IgG conjugate, and the Qdot 625 F(ab')2 anti-rabbit IgG conjugate.

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