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Mark Stevenson, William Murray, Leonard Klevan, Mattias Karlsson, Axel Broms, Open Biosystems, CyBio



Applied Biosystems announced this week that Mark Stevenson has been appointed president of the firm's molecular biology division. He previously served as president of the firm's applied markets division, which is being renamed the molecular and cell biology division. Stevenson succeeds William Murray, who has resigned due to personal reasons.

ABI also announced that Leonard Klevan has replaced Stevenson as president of the applied markets division. Klevan had joined ABI earlier this year as vice president of R&D for applied markets. Before joining ABI, he was CEO of ReliaGene Technologies. He also is a former president and CEO of MiraiBio, a subsidiary of Hitachi Software Engineering, and had managed technology acquisitions and business development at Life Technologies, which was acquired by Invitrogen in 2000.

Cellectricon recently said that Mattias Karlsson, former vice president of research and development, has been appointed chief operating officer.

In addition, Cellectricon said that Axel Broms, chairman of Cellectricon, will assume the role of acting CEO, taking the place of former CEO Ulf Jönsson. Cellectricon said that Jönsson will continue his affiliation with Cellectricon as senior advisor of strategic operations.



Open Biosystems this week announced the availability of Assay-Ready cDNA based on the Mammalian Gene Collection.

This is the first fully sequenced collection of cDNAs in an assay-ready format that is commercially available for genome-scale overexpression screening, Open Biosystems said. The cDNA collection is available as a set of 92 384-well microplates, containing a total of 6,415 human and 9,624 mouse cDNAs in duplicate. Open Biosystems said that this format allows researchers to immediately begin screening experiments, avoiding bacterial cultures, plasmid preps, normalization, aliquotting, and lyophilization.

CyBio this week launched the CyBi-RoboSpense liquid-handling platform.

Equipped with four or eight variable span pipetting channels, the RoboSpense can address almost any type of sample tubes and plate formats, CyBio said. An optional gripper adds plate transport capabilities within the deck and to neighboring modules. The instrument has been demonstrated to perform complex sample preparation and purification routines such as tryptic digest and magnetic bead separation, and also has application in ADME/Tox, CyBio said.

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