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Mark Bloomfield, Media Cybernetics, CompuCyte, Sigma-Aldrich, LI-COR



Applied Biosystems appointed Mark Bloomfield vice president of sales, molecular biology, Europe as of Nov. 1, 2005, the company announced this week.

Bloomfield previously held executive positions at the European divisions of Thermo Electron, Agilent, and Hewlett-Packard.



Media Cybernetics this week released the InVivo Analyzer Suite 3.0 for live-cell imaging.

InVivo Analyzer Suite combines three scientific applications — the image-acquisition tools of InVivo; the analytical capabilities of Image-Pro Analyzer; and the 3D rendering features of 3D Constructor — into one software package, Media Cybernetics said. The software package also includes a FRET Experiment Wizard, and new ratio imaging features, including an intensity calibration interface for ratio imaging acquisition and live ratio measurement and display when using an optical splitter. Users can apply variable rate time-lapse settings when acquiring images, and the software supports automatic calculation of Nyquist sampling for 3D acquisition, Media Cybernetics said. The software also supports up to four cameras.

CompuCyte this week announced the full commercial release of the iColor Fluoro-Chromatic Imaging Cytometer for quantitative analysis of research pathology specimens.

The system uses three lasers — a 440-nm diode ion, a 532-nm diode-pumped solid-state laser, and a 633-nm helium neon laser — to simultaneously measure fluorescent light emitted by specimens stained with fluorescent dyes, and the light absorbance resulting from the application of chromatic stains, CompuCyte said. The iColor renders laser scan images that are "true color," similar to those obtained with brightfield microscopy.

Sigma-Aldrich this week launched the GenomePlex Single-Cell Whole Genome Amplification kit.

The GenomePlex Single-Cell WGA kit supports million-fold whole-genome amplification from a single cell, yielding microgram quantities of genomic DNA, Sigma said. The kit can be used with several cell types, including fibroblast amniotic cells, renal cancer cells, plant, epithelial, leukemia, and polycarbonate-fixed cells, Sigma said.

LI-COR this week introduced a new line of infrared-labeled secondary antibodies: IRDye 800CW Goat anti-Rabbit; IRDye 800CW Goat anti-mouse; IRDye 680 Goat anti-Rabbit; and IRDye 680 Goat anti-mouse.

LI-COR said that using the infrared dyes on LI-COR imaging systems (Odyssey Infrared Imaging System and Aerius Automated Infrared Imaging System) generates accurate quantitative data with high sensitivity due to the low background and high signal-to-noise ratio of the 680 and 800CW conjugates.

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