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Invitrogen, Molecular Devices, Beckman Coulter


Invitrogen this week launched Omnia Kinase Assays at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Washington, DC.

Omnia Kinase Assays use a fluorescent peptide substrate-based technology for rapid, homogenous, and sensitive detection of enzymatic activity under physiological ATP concentrations, Invitrogen said. By mixing reagents, the company said, researchers are able to read kinetic or real-time fluorescence.

Molecular Devices this week introduced the SpectraMax M5e multi-detection microplate reader, an extension of its SpectraMax M5 system.

SpectraMax M5e is a monochromator-based reader developed in collaboration with Cisbio International, and is certified to run Cisbio's HTRF assays. Users can choose any wavelength between 250 and 850 nanometers, and can select the best-suited parameters for their assays, MDCC said. Like the SpectraMax M5 reader, the M5e has primary applications for fluorescence, time-resolved fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, absorbance, and luminescence assays. MDCC said that endpoint, kinetic, spectrum, multi-wavelength, and well-area scanning reading methods can be used to run assays including cell viability and proliferation, kinase, reporter gene, ELISA, nucleic acid and protein quantification, and enzymatic. The new instrument uses MDCC's SoftMax Pro GxP software.

Beckman Coulter this week launched IOTest CD85d-(ILT4)-PE conjugated monoclonal antibodies.

ILT4 is selectively expressed on myelomonocytic cells and binds to classical and non-classical human leucocyte antigen class I molecules, Beckman said. It is believed to play a number of roles in cellular function, including the modulation of APC functions, control of inflammatory response, and maternal tolerance against the fetal semi-allograft, Beckman said.

The new antibody is useful in basic research on leucocyte function, dendritic cells, immunosuppression, tolerogenicity, and maternofetal tolerance, Beckman said.


The Scan

CDC Calls Delta "Variant of Concern"

CNN reports the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now considers the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 to be a "variant of concern."

From FDA to Venture Capital

Former FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn is taking a position at a venture capital firm, leading some ethicists to raise eyebrows, according to the Washington Post.

Consent Questions

Nature News writes that there are questions whether informed consent was obtained for some submissions to a database of Y-chromosome profiles.

Cell Studies on Multimodal Single-Cell Analysis, Coronaviruses in Bats, Urban Microbiomes

In Cell this week: approach to analyze multimodal single-cell genomic data, analysis of bat coronaviruses, and more.