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Immunex and LJL Biosystems are Among Recent Patent Winners


Lam Nguyen, Miguel Bravo-Zanoquera, Albert Kellner, and Jeffrey Price have been awarded US Patent No. 6,839,469, “Multiparallel three-dimensional optical microscopy system.”

According to its abstract, the patent protects a method of volume imaging that is supported in an optical apparatus that simultaneously acquires multiple images from multiple focal planes in an image object. A plurality of image detectors is arranged with respect to an objective lens, while a plurality of reflective devices are disposed between the objective lens and the plurality of detectors to divide the light travelling through the objective lense to the detectors into channels, such that each channel is registered with a respective detector, the abstract states.

Immunex has been awarded US Patent No. 6,838,290, “Methods for screening compounds that affect IL-1 epsilon activity.”

Inventors listed on the patent are John Sims and Dirk Smith.

According to its abstract, the patent protects purified and isolated novel human IL-1 epsilon polypeptides, the nucleic acids encoding such polypeptides, processes for production of recombinant forms of such polypeptides, antibodies generated against these polypeptides, the use of such polypeptides in cellular and immune reactions, the use of such polypeptides in screening for agonists or antagonists of IL-1 epsilon activity, and kits comprising such polypeptides.

LJL Biosystems has been awarded US Patent No. 6,838,051, “Integrated sample-processing system.”

Inventors listed on the patent are Samuel Marquiss, Christopher Cesar, Jon Petersen, David Stumbo, Amer El-Hage, Glenn Edwards, Douglas Modlin, Ley Leytes, and Samuel Burd.

The invention provides an integrated sample-processing system and components thereof for preparing and/or analyzing samples. The components may include a transport module, a fluidics module, and an analysis module, among others.

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