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Harvard, Invitrogen, U of Minnesota, and TransTech Pharma Win US Patents

Harvard College, of Cambridge, Mass., has been awarded US Patent No. 7,144,905, “Small molecules used to increase cell death.”
Inventors listed on the patent are Junying Yuan, Alexei Degterev, and Timothy Mitchison.
According to its abstract, the patent describes methods for increasing cell death. The invention also features compounds used to increase cell death, and methods for identifying compounds that increase cell death.

Invitrogen, of Carlsbad, Calif., has been awarded US Patent No. 7,145,039, “Transfection reagents.”
Inventors listed on the abstract are Yongliang Chu, Malek Masoud, and Guililat Gebeyehu.
According to its abstract, the patent protects compounds of a specific structure capable of facilitating transport of biologically active agents or substances into cells. The patent also more specifically protects cationic lipids and compositions of cationic lipids having utility in lipid aggregates for delivery of macromolecules and other compounds into cells.

The University of Minnesota in Minneapolis has been awarded US Patent No. 7,145,645, “Imaging of biological samples using [an] electronic light detector.”
Inventors listed on the patent are Martin Blumenfeld, Mark Sanders, Joseph Talghader, and Jesse Grenz.
According to its abstract, the patent protects a system and method using an electronic light detector array (for example, a CCD or a CMOS-based detector array) to acquire a visual image of a biological sample that includes biological material associated with a biological material holding structure. For example, fluorescence from a biological sample may be detected, the abstract states.

TransTech Pharma of High Point, NC, has been awarded US Patent No. 7,146,384, “System and method for data analysis, manipulation, and visualization.”
Reyad Swafta is the sole inventor listed on the patent.
According to its abstract, the patent protects systems and methods for data analysis, including data retrieval, dynamic scripting and execution, mining, storing, and visualization. One embodiment of the invention provides an integrated software solution for managing high volumes of numerical data quickly and efficiently, the abstract states. Another embodiment provides a complete and flexible solution for data acquisition, management, and manipulation. A further embodiment provides various views of assay data derived from a molecular discovery process, according to the patent’s abstract.

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