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Geron, Applied Precision Awarded US Patents

Geron has been awarded US Patent 7,410,798, “Culture system for rapid expansion of human embryonic stem cells.”
The inventors listed on the patent are Ramkumar Mandalam, Chunhui Xu, Joseph Gold, and Melissa Carpenter.
The patent provides an improved system for culturing human pluripotent stem cells, according to its abstract. Traditionally, pluripotent stem cells are cultured on a layer of feeder cells. In the system described in the patent, the role of feeder cells is replaced by components added to the culture environment that support rapid proliferation without differentiation. Effective features are a suitable support structure for the cells, and an effective medium that can be added fresh to the culture without being preconditioned by another cell type. Culturing human embryonic stem cells in fresh medium according to the method described in the patent causes the cells to expand rapidly, while retaining the ability to differentiate into cells representing all three embryonic germ layers. This new culture system allows for bulk proliferation of pPS cells for commercial production of important products for use in drug screening and human therapy.

Applied Precision has been awarded US Patent 7,408,176, “System and method employing photokinetic techniques in cell biology imaging applications.”
The inventors listed on the patent are Paul Goodwin, Carl Brown, and Steven Reese.
As stated in the abstract, the patent describes a system and method using photokinetic techniques in cell biology imaging applications. These systems and methods may comprise: selectively inducing photoactivation of material at a site on the object; performing an optical axis integration scan; simultaneously executing a time delay integration scan sequence; and processing acquired image data in accordance with one or more analyses of interest. Various methodologies and applications may include selective photobleaching of a site on the object, diffusion rate, velocity, and wave-front propagation analyses, multi-dimensional analyses of dispersion characteristics, biomolecular binding in cellular organelles, and photoactivation assisted systematic image segmentation for the study of cellular components.

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Two J&J Doses

Johnson & Johnson says two doses of its SARS-CoV-2 vaccine provides increased protection against symptomatic COVID-19, CNN reports.

Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine Response in Kids

The Pfizer-BioNTech SARS-CoV-2 vaccine in a lower-dose format appears to generate an immune response among children, according to the Washington Post.

Chicken Changes to Prevent Disease

The Guardian writes that researchers are looking at gene editing chickens to help prevent future pandemics.

PNAS Papers on Siberian Dog Ancestry, Insect Reproduction, Hippocampal Neurogenesis

In PNAS this week: ancestry and admixture among Siberian dogs, hormone role in fruit fly reproduction, and more.