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George Uveges, Lydon, David Armistead, Ed Roberts, Wendell Wierenga, GE Healtlhcare, Guava Technologies



George Uveges was named a director of Harvard Biosciences, the company said this week.

His appointment is effective the day after the company files its annual report. He will serve on the audit committee, the company said.

Uveges is the founder of the Tallwood Group. He is the former president and CEO of TranXenoGen, and was a director of that company from 2001 to 2005. He has also held executive positions at BioSource, NEN Life Science, Gelman Sciences, GI Plastek and Invacare. He holds an MBA from Baldwin Wallace College.

Ambit Biosciences this week announced the appointment of three new scientific advisory board members: Nicholas Lydon, David Armistead, and Ed Roberts.

Ambit also said that Lydon and Wendell Wierenga have joined the company's board of directors.



GE Healtlhcare this week launched the EGFP-NFATc1 Translocation Assay, a green fluorescent protein cell-based assay for testing the ability of compounds to bind and activate NFATc1 transcription factors that reside in the cytoplasm, causing them to translocate to the nucleus.

The assay kit incorporates a ready-to-use, optimized cell line and expression vector, and is optimized for use on GE Healthcare's IN Cell Analyzer system. The assay is based on BioImage's Redistribution brand fluorescent assay technology.

Guava Technologies this week announced the introduction of Express Cell Surface Antibodies, a new line of antibody reagents designed to identify subsets of hematopoetic-derived cells by their patterns of protein expression.

The antibody reagents have been optimized for use on Guava's EasyCyte and EasyCyte Mini benchtop cytometry systems, the company said. The antibodies are offered as direct conjugates to one of three fluorescent dyes, eliminating the need for secondary staining and wash steps, Guava said.

The Scan

Rise of B.1.617.2 in the UK

According to the Guardian, UK officials expect the B.1.617.2 variant to soon be the dominant version of SARS-CoV-2 there.

Anne Schuchat to Retire

Anne Schuchat is retiring after more than 30 years at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Politico reports.

US to Share More Vaccines

CNN reports that the US will share 20 million doses of the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson SARS-CoV-2 vaccines with other countries.

PNAS Papers on Gene Therapy Platform, Aspergillus Metabolome, Undernutrition Model Microbiome

In PNAS this week: approach to deliver protein-based treatments to cells, pan-secondary metabolome of Aspergillus, and more.