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DakoCytomation, Beckman Coulter, Chiron, and Arcturus Awarded US Patents


DakoCytomation has been awarded US Patent No. 7,024,316, "Transiently dynamic flow cytometer analysis system."

Inventors listed on the patent are Carl Ellison, Paul Purcell, George Malachowski, and Matthias Ottenberg.

According to its abstract, the patent protects a flow cytometry apparatus and methods to process information incident to particles or cells entrained in a sheath fluid stream allowing assessment, differentiation, assignment, and separation of such particles or cells even at high rates of speed. The patent discloses a first signal processor individually or in combination with at least one additional signal processor for applying compensation transformation on data from a signal, the abstract states. Compensation transformation can involve complex operations on data from at least one signal to compensate for one or numerous operating parameters. Compensated parameters can be returned to the first signal processor for providing information upon which to define and differentiate particles from one another, the abstract states.

Beckman Coulter has been awarded US Patent No. 7,026,111, "Methods and reagents for improved cell-based assays."

Inventors listed on the patent are Adrian Clausell, Jirong Gu, and Parameswara Reddy.

According to its abstract, the patent protects cytoenzymology methods; more particularly, improved reagents for use in cell-based assays, especially those using fluorogenic substrates.

Chiron has been awarded US Patent No. 7,026,166, "Fluorogenic dyes."

Inventors listed on the patent are Daniel Suich and Ronald Zuckerman.

According to its abstract, the patent protects the use of fluorogenic or chromogenic dyes as reporter molecules for detecting cell entry by a specific molecule.

Arcturus Bioscience has been awarded US Patent No. 7,027,133, "Automated laser capture microdissection."

Inventors listed on the patent are Thomas Baer, Norbert Hagen, Bruce Richardson, David Brewer, and Lisa Reese.

According to its abstract, the patent protects systems and methods for automated laser capture microdissection. High-throughput microdissection is provided by using cell procurement and multi-imaging tools for pre-selecting cells of interest. Novel methods of computer-controlled cap transfer along with automated multi-slide and multi-cap placements, and automated slide and cap detection are provided. The systems and methods provide the advantages of increased speed and much lower rates of contamination, the abstract states.

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