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Cyntellect, eBioscience, BioTek Instruments, North Star Leasing Company, MatriCal

Cyntellect this week launched the CellXpress cell line manufacturingsystem, which is powered by the company's proprietary laser-based LEAP system. 
CellXpress can be purchased by customers directly from Cyntellect in the US and Europe, and from Cyntellect's distribution partner, Summit Pharmaceuticals, in Japan.
According to the manufacturer, the CellXpress system can yield verified highly secreting single-cell clones in less than 24 hours, as compared to weeks; isolate ten-fold more highly-secreting clones than traditional methods; select optimal clones based on real-time assessment of secretion; reduce time to confirmed highly secreting clones by more than 50 percent; deliver up to 90 percent reduction in labor and material costs; and enable processing of multiple projects and cell lines in parallel.

eBioscience announced this week the expansion of its multicolor cellular analysis portfolio with the introduction of its eFluor brand and the commercial launch of the eFluor Nan crystals product line.
eFluor nanocrystals use quantum dot semiconductor technology, and can be tuned to emit bright light in a range of colors when excited by a single light source. These nanometer-sized particles are intrinsically bright, possess photostability, and have narrow emission spectra, the manufacturer said. 

BioTek Instruments this week introduced lease and purchase options from North Star Leasing Company for BioTek's microplate instrumentation. Through this program, US customers may lease or purchase BioTek's microplate technologies through one of several monthly payment options.
Financing is available for up to 60 months, with flexibility for early payoff with no penalty. North Star Leasing also offers a $1.00 instrument buyout at the end of the finance period.
According to BioTek, the leasing of its instruments offers several advantages over an outright purchase. Customized financing solutions, potential tax advantages, and monthly payments may be attractive to cost-conscious customers, while flexibility in instrument procurement and availability may be attractive to rapidly growing or changing laboratories, the company said.
Lease and purchase options for BioTek instruments are available for US customers only. 

MatriCal last week introduced its Automated MatriCal Assay Platform, a robotic platform for high-throughput microplate, tube, and vial processing in a self-contained environment.
AutoMAP can be operated as a stand-alone system or integrated with additional platforms, including the MiniStore, an automated sample management system; MACCS, an automated cell culture system; or others.
Temperature, humidity, CO2, nitrogen, or other gases or gas mixtures can be regulated internally in the AutoMAP. The platform features a Biological Safety Level 1 classification as specified by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The applications that AutoMAP can perform include cell-based assays, storage and replication of high-throughput screening, sample processing for chemical and biological sample management, ultra-high-throughput screening, plate replication, and hit picking.  

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