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Caliper Life Sciences, Caliper Discovery Alliances and Services, Genovis

Caliper Life Sciences this week announced that researchers using the LabChip EZ Reader platform for screening and profiling kinase inhibitors now have access to more than 200 kinase assays. The assays are available in Caliper's ProfilerPro reagent format, a pre-packaged, ready-to-use kit that enables in-house kinase profiling to be performed in a single day.

Caliper also announced this week the availability of two new service offerings from its Caliper Discovery Alliances and Services group — RapidKinase profiling and enzymatic Mechanism of Action studies.
The RapidKinase profiling service uses Caliper’s LabChip EZ Reader technology and ProfilerPro reagents to provide kinase profiling data to researchers within one week. The Mechanism of Action studies provide researchers with detailed information about the manner in which their compounds interact with enzymatic targets, and are important for characterizing allosteric inhibitors and assessing kinetic on and off rates.

Genovis launched NIMT FeOfection purple, the company announced this week. siRNA can now be transfected into suspension cell lines such as K562 and Jurkat cells, which are generally known as hard-to-transfect cells, the company said.

The transfection agent is based on a super paramagnetic core that is traceable in MRI and can be combined with other labeling entities for dual imaging purposes.

The Scan

More Boosters for US

Following US Food and Drug Administration authorization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has endorsed booster doses of the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, the Washington Post writes.

From a Pig

A genetically modified pig kidney was transplanted into a human without triggering an immune response, Reuters reports.

For Privacy's Sake

Wired reports that more US states are passing genetic privacy laws.

Science Paper on How Poaching Drove Evolution in African Elephants

In Science this week: poaching has led to the rapid evolution of tuskless African elephants.