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Caliper, IMSB, Tecan

Caliper Scores NOA For In Vivo Light Imaging Method 
Caliper Life Sciences last week announced it has received a Notice of Allowance from the US Patent and Trademark Office for a patent application covering key methods of in vivo, non-invasive imaging of light generated from within mammals.
The Notice of Allowance corresponds to U.S. patent application serial number 11/143,422 entitled, "Non-invasive localization of a light-emitting conjugate in a mammal." A U.S. patent corresponding to the Notice of Allowance will issue when the USPTO receives the requisite issuance fee.
According to the company, biophotonic imaging is expanding to include methods based on light sources that are conjugated with a biocompatible entity and administered to mammals. Caliper's newly allowed patent will cover many of these developments in biophotonic imaging science.
The new patent will cover the use of conjugates comprising any biocompatible entity and a light source, either fluorescent or bioluminescent. The biocompatible entity can be a cell, microorganism, particle, or biological molecule.

IMSB Scientists Use Tecan Workstations, RNAi to ID Viral Genes
Researchers at the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology in Zurich, Switzerland, this week announced they are using two customized Tecan Freedom EVO 200 liquid handling workstations as part of a study to identify the specific sets of host genes that viruses require to infect cells.
The investigators plan to individually silence 7,000 mammalian genes using RNAi, and measure how each silencing affects the abilities of 11 different viruses, including influenza, herpes, and SV40, to infect mammalian hosts.
One Freedom EVO workstation is equipped with a Te-MO 384-channel pipetting head to perform the transfection and infection assays. The second workstation has a Te-Stack stacker module and two fully integrated Cell-Works microscopes for automated quantification of the proportion of virus-transfected cells.

The Scan

Shape of Them All

According to BBC News, researchers have developed a protein structure database that includes much of the human proteome.

For Flu and More

The Wall Street Journal reports that several vaccine developers are working on mRNA-based vaccines for influenza.

To Boost Women

China's Ministry of Science and Technology aims to boost the number of female researchers through a new policy, reports the South China Morning Post.

Science Papers Describe Approach to Predict Chemotherapeutic Response, Role of Transcriptional Noise

In Science this week: neural network to predict chemotherapeutic response in cancer patients, and more.