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Blueshift Biotech, Luminex, and Aurora Discovery Are Awarded US Patents

Blueshift Biotechnologies, of Sunnyvale, Calif., has been awarded US Patent No. 7,141,378, “Exploring fluorophore microenvironments.”
Inventors listed on the patent are Steven Miller, Paul Comita, Evan Cromwell, and Christopher Shumate.
According to its abstract, the patent protects methods, apparatus, and a system for implementing and using techniques to detect the presence of one or more target analytes in particular regions of interest of one or more samples. The patent also describes one or more samples, including objects, and one or more target analytes. Some of the target analytes are labeled with a fluorophore and bound to some of the objects in the samples. The samples are illuminated with fluorescence-inducing light, and fluorescent light is collected from one or more regions of the samples. At least one anisotropy measurement of the samples is performed to identify regions of interest where target analytes are bound to the objects. The collected fluorescent light from the regions of interest is analyzed to determine the presence of target analytes bound to the objects in the samples.

Luminex, of Austin, Tex., has been awarded US Patent No. 7,141,431, “Microparticles with multiple fluorescent signals and methods of using same.”
Inventors listed on the patent are Mark Chandler, Don Chandler, and Jason Bedre.
According to its abstract, the patent protects a novel fluorescent particle including a core or carrier particle having on its surface a plurality of smaller polymeric particles or nanoparticles, which are stained with different fluorescent dyes. When excited by a light source, the dyes are capable of giving off multiple fluorescent emissions simultaneously, which is useful for multiplexed analysis of a plurality of analytes in a sample. The patent also describes coupled complex particles carrying on their surface fluorescent nanoparticles, methods of preparing such polymer particles, and various applications and methods of using such particles.

Aurora Discovery, of San Diego, Calif., has been awarded US Patent No. 7,142,290, “Detector and screening device for ion channels.”
Inventors listed on the patent are Roger Tsien, Peter Coassin, Andrew Pham, Alec Harootunian, and Minh Vuong.
According to its abstract, the patent protects a detector assembly, fiber assembly, and screening system for optical measurements.

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