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Biolog, Nunc

Biolog this week introduced the OmniLog Combo System for microbial identification and the kinetic characterization of cellular function.
The OmniLog Combo is optimized for use with Biolog’s Phenotype Microarray technology, in which cell lines are assayed against thousands of conditions or small molecules in a highly multiplexed fashion in multiwell plates. By combining microbial ID and cellular characterization into one platform, the OmniLog Combo will allow researchers to obtain data on variations among bacterial strains, correlate genotypes to phenotypes, discover new antimicrobial drug targets, and improve and optimize bioprocesses, Biolog said.
The OmniLog Combo system includes an OmniLog Reader confocal-based, non-fluorescent imager; multimedia computer; printer, LCD monitor, and bioinformatics software. Conusmables, such as the Phenotype Microarrays; organism databases, and other accessories are purchased separately depending on users’ needs, Biolog said.

Nunc this week launched poly D-lysine and collagen I coated cell culture flasks.
The flasks are pre-coated with either poly D-lysine or collagen I, Nunc said. The uniform application of the surface treatments facilitates reproducible cell culture by enhancing cell attachment, growth, and differentiation in serum-free and serum-containing media, the company said. The cell culture flasks have an angled neck design to enable access to the entire growth surface with pipettes or cell scrapers; are stable at room temperature; and have been tested for both monolayer formation and cloning efficiency for primary cells and continuous cell lines.


Note to Readers: This is the last issue of Cell-Based Assay News to publish in 2006. The next issue of the newsletter will appear on Friday, Jan. 5.
The Scan

Not Yet a Permanent One

NPR says the lack of a permanent Food and Drug Administration commissioner has "flummoxed" public health officials.

Unfair Targeting

Technology Review writes that a new report says the US has been unfairly targeting Chinese and Chinese-American individuals in economic espionage cases.

Limited Rapid Testing

The New York Times wonders why rapid tests for COVID-19 are not widely available in the US.

Genome Research Papers on IPAFinder, Structural Variant Expression Effects, Single-Cell RNA-Seq Markers

In Genome Research this week: IPAFinder method to detect intronic polyadenylation, influence of structural variants on gene expression, and more.