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BioFocus DPI, GSK, Alnylam, Shanghai GenePharma

BioFocus DPI Obtains Global License to Cresset Software
BioFocus DPI has upgraded its software license with Cresset BioMolecular Discovery, gaining global access to the entire range of Cresset’s molecular field software for use in drug discovery.
The new license also extends BioFocus DPI’s coverage to include its parent company, Galapagos. BioFocus DPI and Galapagos will now be able to apply molecular field technology to projects including internal research, compound library design, or drug-discovery projects for clients.
BioFocus DPI and Cresset have been collaborating for two years on the design and synthesis of BioFocus DPI’s FieldFocus libraries for ion-channel drug discovery. 

GSK Purchases SRU BIND Reader System for UK Facility
SRU Biosystems announced this week that GlaxoSmithKline has purchased a BIND Reader system for its drug-discovery site in Harlow, UK.
SRU has developed the BIND product line for cell-based applications, small molecule/fragment screening, and antibody screening. The BIND system includes the BIND Reader, software tools, and 96-, 384-, or 1,536-well microplates with proprietary coatings for attaching cells or proteins.
The BIND Reader uses SRU Biosystems’ optical biosensor technology and can be integrated into a semi-automated or fully automated environment for kinetic or endpoint assays in an HTS mode.

Alnylam Licenses RNAi IP to China’s Shanghai GenePharma
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals this week said it has granted a non-exclusive, worldwide license to its Kreutzer-Limmer patent family to Chinese reagent shop Shanghai GenePharma for manufacturing and marketing RNAi research products and services.
The patents, according to Alnylam, cover fundamental aspects of the structure and uses of RNAi products, including their use to mediate RNAi in mammalian cells and of RNAi-related mechanisms.
"Providing this license to Shanghai GenePharma represents our first business transaction in China,” Jason Rhodes, vice president of business development at Alnylam, said in a statement.
Specific terms of the license were not disclosed.

The Scan

Study Links Evolution of Longevity, Social Organization in Mammals

With the help of comparative phylogenetics and transcriptomics, researchers in Nature Communications see ties between lifespan and social organization in mammals.

Tumor Microenvironment Immune Score Provides Immunotherapy Response, Prognostic Insights

Using multiple in situ analyses and RNA sequence data, researchers in eBioMedicine have developed a score associated with immunotherapy response or survival.

CRISPR-Based Method for Finding Cancer-Associated Exosomal MicroRNAs in Blood

A team from China presents in ACS Sensors a liposome-mediated membrane fusion strategy for detecting miRNAs carried in exosomes in the blood with a CRISPR-mediated reporter system.

Drug Response Variants May Be Distinct in Somatic, Germline Samples

Based on variants from across 21 drug response genes, researchers in The Pharmacogenomics Journal suspect that tumor-only DNA sequences may miss drug response clues found in the germline.