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Applera, Strategic Diagnostics, Invitrogen, Corning, The Rockefeller University Among US Patent Awardees

Applera has been awarded US Patent 7,214,546, “Dendritic chemiluminescent substrates.”
The inventor listed on the patent is Alison Sparks.
The patent describes chemiluminescent substrate delivery systems comprising a conjugate of a dendrimer and at least one chemiluminescent substrate. The substrate delivery systems can also include a chemiluminescence enhancer. According to the patent abstract, “The dendrimer/chemiluminescent substrate conjugates can be used in kits including an enzyme capable of activating the chemiluminescent substrate to produce a peroxygenated intermediate that decomposes to produce light. The dendrimer/chemiluminescent substrate conjugates can be used in assays to detect the presence of an analyte in a sample.”

Strategic Diagnostics of Newark, Del, has been awarded US Patent 7,214,505, “Cell-based assay for the detection of toxic analytes.”
Inventors listed on the patent are Colin Cooper, Edman Tsang, Robbie Burch, and Jay Lewington.
The patent covers cell-based reagents and methods of using the reagents for detecting analytes. According to the patent abstract, “The adsorbing of cells with signal-generating metabolic activity to solid supports has been found to improve the sensitivity of known cell-based assays. Signal-generating cells adsorbed to a solid support are introduced to a test agent, and the measured decrease in metabolic signal provides a measure of the toxicity of the test agent.”

Invitrogen has been awarded US Patent 7,214,428, “Highly luminescent functionalized semiconductor nanocrystals for biological and physical applications.”
The inventor listed on the patent is Imad Naasani.
The patent describes detection apparatus with functionalized fluorescent nanocrystal compositions and methods for making and using these compositions in biological detection applications, material separations, and in the production of biosensors. The patent abstract states that the compositions are fluorescent nanocrystals coated with at least one material comprising ligands with functional groups or moieties with conjugated electrons, and moieties for imparting solubility to fluorescent nanocrystals in aqueous solutions. “The coating material provides for functionalized fluorescent nanocrystal compositions which are water soluble, chemically stable, and emit light with a high quantum yield and/or luminescence efficiency when excited with light. The coating material may also have chemical compounds or ligands with moieties for bonding to target molecules and cells as well as moieties for cross-linking the coating,” according to the abstract.

Corning of Corning, NY has been awarded US Patent 7,214,353,”Peptide or protein-capturing surfaces for high throughput MALDI mass spectrometry
Inventors listed on the patent are Bernice Feuer, Jinlin Peng, and Ma Sha.
The patent covers methods and compositions useful for capturing proteins or peptides from a sample mixture and analyzing the captured proteins or peptides via high throughput electrospray ionization or matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry. According to the patent abstract, “The methods and compositions are useful in large scale, simultaneous analyses of proteins and peptides present in a cell(s), tissue(s), or biological fluid(s).”

The Rockefeller University has been awarded US Patent 7,211,655, “Methods for identifying modulators of transcriptional activator protein interactions.”
Inventors listed on the patent are Xiaokui Zhang, Curt Horvath, Melissa Wrzeszczynska, and James Darnell, Jr.
The patent describes methods for identifying interacting regions of transcription factors, and methods for identifying agents which modulate these interactions. According to the patent abstract, “A site within residues 130 and 154 and within residues 343 and 358 in Stat3 interact with the transcription factor c-Jun. On c-Jun, a site within residues 105 and 334, particularly between 105 and 263, interact with Stat3. These sites of interactions permit methods for identifying agents which modulate the interaction between these transcription factors to modulate gene transcription.”

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