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Beyond the Surface

A blogger wonders about qualities that people think are good in the lab.

The Fun of Reviewing

A blogger recounts his experiences reviewing papers.

Finding Her Way

Claire Fraser-Liggett discusses her career trajectory in the Washington Post.

A blogger discusses wages in science.

Bloggers discuss universities' priorities.

Doing It All

A scientist discusses how life for women in the lab has changed.

The Forks in the Road

A blogger discusses the different career paths for computer scientists.

A Talk with TMI

A blogger wonders if mentioning personal details in a talk is unprofessional.

Nobel prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn discusses work-life balance.

An article at The Scientist gives manuscript-writing advice.

A blogger says that job-seekers should focus on networking.

The University of Southampton's Women in Science and Technology group responds to an article appearing in the UK's Guardian.

Making the Move

DrdrA responds to a reader's question about transitioning from a non-tenure-track position to a tenure track position.

A blogger weighs in on whether it's worth pursuing a PhD or standing pat with an MS.

Roche is hiring for its Nutley, New Jersey campus.

Not To Worry...

Blogger Michael White is almost comforted by the story of Francis Crick's postdoc experience.

A blogger offers advice on how to negotiate salary at a new position.

Getting Motivated

A blogger discusses the drive and thrill of research.

Taking on Reviews

A blogger discusses the number of reviews that a junior faculty member should do.

Slow and Steady

Take your time to choose a project.

Some grants submitted by established scientist are passed over in favor of proposals from new investigators, says the New York Times.

A PLoS Biology article and many bloggers discuss the difficulties of getting early-career grants.

The new short NIH application format is out.

A blogger give advice on how to get a grant.

The Tough Choice

A blogger discusses why he is looking for a new job.


The UK's Human Fertility and Embryology Authority calls for consumer genetic testing companies to warn customers that testing could uncover family secrets, according to the Guardian.

The New York Times reports that United Nations delegates have been discussing how to govern the genetic resources of the deep sea.

Researchers have transplanted edited cells into mice that appear to combat cocaine addiction, New Scientist reports.

In PNAS this week: analysis of proteolytic enzymes secreted by circulating tumor cells, phylogenetic study of Fv1 evolution, and more.