Career Blog

US institutions awarded 1.6 percent more research doctorates in 2009 than in 2008, due in large part to an increase in the number of female science and engineering recipients.

A blogger lists requests a new PI should make when negotiating a start-up package.

Whether submitting or reviewing grants, bloggers suggest tips to make the process go smoothly.

A new Harvard report identifies 32 institutions that pre-tenure faculty have rated highly in terms of job satisfaction.

Who Would've Thought?

There is a "'LinkedIn for scientists' we should all be using," one blogger says. "It's called LinkedIn."

In an interview, a prominent female technologist says she doesn't "believe in the concept of a 'work/life balance,'" as it implies competition between the two spheres.

A blogger breaks down ways in which faculty position applicants can stand apart from the crowd.

One blogger considers how the size of a lab group can affect each individual's professional development.

A blogger contemplates how she might attract prime PhD candidates to join her lab.

One blogger describes ways in which lab managers can enhance employee productivity and job satisfaction by "breaking through barriers to change" at the bench.

Whatever the reason, choosing to leave a postdoc position early is "never an easy decision" says one blogger, who borrows from personal experience to lend her advice.

Researchers are launching an online resource in an effort to keep female PhD candidates in the STEM fields.

Life science careers panelists emphasized the importance of writing — and encouraged blogging — at a recent workshop, one blogger says.

One blogger says that it may be advantageous for young investigators to include their unfunded grant scores in job applications.

Nature outlines the top cities for science research according to journal, publication, and citation metrics.

A Slate reporter discusses why women found more biotech firms than companies in other high-tech fields.

One blogger says that reviewers should aim to provide thorough, constructive reviews and treat applicants how they'd like to be treated themselves.

Breaking Down Biases

One investigator aims to diminish the effects of implicit, unintentional biases against women, minorities, and people with disabilities in faculty hiring decisions with a video game.

Try Before You Buy

One blogger ponders the positive aspects of changing postdoc labs.

Results of a survey conducted by AAAS and Science confirm "continuing obstacles to women in science."

The NIH director details how the agency aims to "dramatically reduce the time required to start an independent career" in Nature.

Bloggers describe situations in which it might be best to heed a colleague's advice.

Bloggers discuss the much-awaited release of the revised National Research Council graduate program rankings.

The Scientist examines ways in which PIs can help their trainees become researchers they "would want to collaborate with."

One blogger says that scientists who choose to pursue careers outside of academia "are not exceptions, but the rule."


In an against-all-odds twist, a researcher studying exceeding rare FOXG1 mutations discovers her daughter has the syndrome.

An effort by Genomics Medicine Ireland is creating a database of diseases based on the genomics of people in Ireland. It now is looking into the possibility of including Scotland in its work.

In recent weeks, the direct-to-consumer genetics firm has rolled out a health hub where customers can share information concerning 18 common health conditions.

In PLOS this week, new genes associated with prostate cancer risk, genetic patterns in M. bovis, and more.