Career Blog

Bloggers describe situations in which it might be best to heed a colleague's advice.

Bloggers discuss the much-awaited release of the revised National Research Council graduate program rankings.

The Scientist examines ways in which PIs can help their trainees become researchers they "would want to collaborate with."

One blogger says that scientists who choose to pursue careers outside of academia "are not exceptions, but the rule."

Party On, Postdocs

Various institutions have planned events in honor of "National Postdoc Appreciation Week."

Three PIs share their thoughts on "what makes a great graduate student."

Several biotech and pharmaceutical firms were named among the top 100 family-friendly companies by Working Mother magazine.

According to new data, women obtained more doctoral degrees than men in 2008-09.

A blogger provides advice for new and aspiring postdocs.

One blogger says she's tired of vague discussions of "alternative" science careers.

A blogger proposes the "top 10 reasons students fail out of PhD school."

A new academic PI shares satirical "tips on how not to get a postdoc in academia."

Bloggers discuss time considerations when writing grants.

'We (Meaning I)'

In a satire, one author says "we (meaning I) present observations on the scientific publishing process."

One blogger says that "starting immediately in the lab of the thesis advisor" is a bad idea for PhD candidates.

A new report examines international and domestic graduate admissions in the US.

One professor describes her 'two-body problem' that resulted in the "tenure-track equivalent of the 'Romeo and Juliet' ending," and a career change for her spouse.

A blogger discusses the implications of a PI asking a trainee to write their own recommendation letters.

Make Way

In a recent Room for Debate discussion, the New York Times examines tenure and its lack of retirement restrictions.

Slate Tackles Tenure

A recent Slate editorial makes a "case for getting rid of tenure."


A blogger shares tips for transferring grant funding when changing institutions.

One blogger suggests four questions aspiring scientist-entrepreneurs should ask themselves before attempting to begin a biotech business.

An R&D director suggests ways in which biotech job candidates can best prepare themselves for careers in industry.

A blogger offers "advice for young aspiring scientists" and emphasizes the importance of multidisciplinary skills.

On the Up

Faculty searches set to re-start at three University of California campuses.


Vivek Murthy is no longer the surgeon general of the US, the Associated Press reports.

People around the globe took to the streets to support science — some with signs.

Parents who learn of their increased genetic risk of disease also contend with telling their children about theirs, the New York Times writes.

In PLOS this week: loci linked to body mass index measurements, long non-coding RNA expression and urothelial carcinoma prognosis, and more.