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Career Blog

One professor describes her 'two-body problem' that resulted in the "tenure-track equivalent of the 'Romeo and Juliet' ending," and a career change for her spouse.

A blogger discusses the implications of a PI asking a trainee to write their own recommendation letters.

Make Way

In a recent Room for Debate discussion, the New York Times examines tenure and its lack of retirement restrictions.

Slate Tackles Tenure

A recent Slate editorial makes a "case for getting rid of tenure."


A blogger shares tips for transferring grant funding when changing institutions.

One blogger suggests four questions aspiring scientist-entrepreneurs should ask themselves before attempting to begin a biotech business.

An R&D director suggests ways in which biotech job candidates can best prepare themselves for careers in industry.

A blogger offers "advice for young aspiring scientists" and emphasizes the importance of multidisciplinary skills.

On the Up

Faculty searches set to re-start at three University of California campuses.

The Scientist examines how researchers can "take on administrative roles while still running a successful and productive lab."

In an opinion article in the magazine, an editor calls the practice "an idea whose time has gone."

In a recent Room for Debate discussion forum, the New York Times asks: "What if college tenure dies?"

A blogger opines the "good, the bad, and the ugly" ramifications of choosing a new assistant professor versus a seasoned full professor as an adviser.

Advice from Afar

The NIH Office of Science Education has launched a new e-mentoring program to connect students with professionals in various health science careers.

A blogger outlines "tips for a successful phone interview."

A blogger shares insights from crafting separate CVs for job applications in industry and academia.

A blogger offers tips for scientists faced with choosing a lab.

The Chronicle of Higher Education speaks with a tenured academic — a "scholar of work-life issues" — who's leaving his position for love.

A blogger stresses the importance of developing — and maintaining — a diverse set of mentoring relationships.

A blogger offers advice to a second-year graduate student who's not sure what to do with her degree.

Miller-McCune magazine outlines issues pertaining to the 'pyramid paradigm' in the American scientific labor market.

Bloggers discuss the unique challenges associated with being a single academic.

A blogger lists ways in which blogging can be beneficial for grad students, and assures readers that "the faculty in your department will not think less of you," for doing it.

Superior Supervisors?

The Scientist asks: "Are women better PIs?"

A blogger says that in some research collaborations, "like in a friendship or romance, one day you can just realize you are just going through the motions."


In Science this week: certain genes repressed during memory formation, analysis of genomes from single neurons, and more.

NASA plans to test whether DNA sequencing studies can be conducted in microgravity.

Congress passes a continuing resolution to keep the US federal government funded through mid-December.

The Human Genome Project was launched 25 years ago, and at Nature, Francis Collins, James Watson, and Eric Green look back at the lessons learned.