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NIH's Office of Extramural Research clarifies the relationship among percentiles, paylines, and success rates.

Is it best to "reinvent" your research plan as a postdoc or a PI?

A blogger defends three-year, full-time PhD programs.

One blogger says that PhDs in search of alternative careers ought not to see themselves as "letting go" of academia.

Go Out and Get It

An ACS blogger says that employers seek candidates who have gone out of their way to fill any gaps in their career training.

Roots or Wings?

Can a PhD bank on productivity by staying in their grad lab, or should they move elsewhere for a postdoc?

A blogger asks her peers whether they'd consider hiring half-time postdocs.

Help Them Help You

A blogger shares tips to lighten the editing load for those who have volunteered to review your manuscript.

On the Up tallies its 2010 job postings and finds an increase in those for scientists and lab techs, among other positions.

Are great grant writers born or made?

A blogger provides tips for applicants to tidy up their CVs so as to appeal to the search committee's interests.

Bloggers discuss whether trainees should take an interest in their mentors' careers.

When choosing where to submit manuscripts, one blogger says researchers should strive to strike a balance.

Bloggers say that a new PI's responsibilities can be more difficult than some might realize.

One blogger says interviewees must simply and clearly express enthusiasm for the faculty position they're up for.

One blogger says that postdoctoral training is just as valuable for industry-minded PhDs as it is for aspiring academicians.

Don't Go It Alone

A blogger says that budding academicians ought to "have a mentor before going on the [job] market."

Come Together

One blogger dishes her top five reasons to collaborate in research.

One blogger says that female scientists who take time away from the lab to raise children are doing themselves, and the scientific community, a favor.

To get ahead in academia, computational biologists must "educate the committee members ... on what they should find important" in the field, says one researcher.

In a private firm's careers rankings, eight of the top 10 jobs involve science — though some science careers don't fare so well on the list.

NIH Take Note

One blogger discusses why women leave science; another praises CIHR's for acknowledging research "interruptions and delays."

Should scientists be expected to expand their skill sets to include illustration?

One blogger pit student evaluation of instruction data up against h-indices in an effort to determine the relationship between teaching and research.

Double Duty

A blogger discusses whether it's best to join two labs jointly or form a collaboration between them in the case of an overlapping project.


Sequencing could help combat foodborne illnesses, according to a blog post by Food and Drug Administration officials.

Popular Mechanics reports that Caltech researchers have built a prototype nanobot using DNA.

The Sacramento Bee writes that direct-to-consumer genetic testing connected a woman to sperm donor-conceived half siblings.

In PLOS this week: gene expression catalog for sheep, viral diversity among respiratory samples from camels, and more.