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From Start to Finish

Science Careers canvasses career opportunities in bioprocessing.

Tips for getting your biotech résumé into top shape.

When in comes to career choices, what makes STEM graduates tick?

On Getting Grants

A blogger rounds up what he has learned about obtaining research funding.

One-Stop Shop

The NIH highlights its family-friendly programs and policies on a new Web page.

A blogger provides tips for earning a promotion.

One blogger says short-term, non-tenure-track teaching appointments can benefit those seeking permanent faculty positions.

One blogger wonders whether passing on a postdoc was a good choice for his academic career.

A blogger discusses exploring career options beyond the bench.

The New York Times speaks with Mary-Claire King and other top women scientists.

Outside of Academia

GenomeWeb Careers profiles life science PhDs with non-academic careers.

A new report says both application and funding rates for NIH grant renewals are higher for men.

How Do You Stack Up?

A look at Genome Technology's ninth annual salary survey data.

One blogger outlines 'three things all LinkedIn users should do.'

Step Up, Take Charge

A blogger says that "to be treated like a colleague," grad students should take ownership of their training.

A blogger outlines how his current temporary research gig differs from his previous, full-time post.

NIH posted its Future of the Biomedical Research Workforce Working Group and subcommittee rosters.

A-Star No More

The Excellence in Research for Australia initiative has dropped its controversial journal ranking system.

At ASM, Michael Ibba offers advice for tenure track faculty at major research institutions. (Part 5 of 5.)

At ASM, Michael Ibba offers advice for newly hired faculty at major research institutions. (Part 4 of 5.)

At ASM, Michael Ibba offers advice for those interviewing for faculty openings at major research institutions. (Part 3 of 5.)

At ASM, Michael Ibba offers advice for those applying for faculty openings at major research institutions. (Part 2 of 5.)

Researchers coupled undergraduate major information to US Census data to assign values to bachelor's degrees.

At ASM, Michael Ibba reflects on the life of a professor at a major research institution. (Part 1 of 5.)

At ASM, researchers share guidance for careers in academia and government — both at the bench and beyond.


Two new Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology studies have largely reproduced the original findings, ScienceInsider reports.

DNA fingerprinting could catch some sample mix-ups at pathology labs, the New York Times says.

A Maryland police department has turned to DNA phenotyping to develop a suspect sketch, WJLA reports.

In Cell this week: DNA methylation and T cell exhaustion, longevity in C. elegans, and more.